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  1. Stormecho

    Ability Choice Pokemafia [Game Thread]

    ffff wow things moved really fast suddenly bUT yeah I'm also going with Altissimo - being the main force behind the lynches and being so quick to do so now is definitely putting me on edge this is a short post because I'm juggling a lot of things aaaaa
  2. Stormecho

    Ability Choice Pokemafia [Game Thread]

    hmmm so I guess the one we haven't heard from yet is Grass King, right?
  3. Stormecho

    Ability Choice Pokemafia [Game Thread]

    let's wait a bit longer, see if anyone does have anything to say?
  4. Stormecho

    thank you!

    thank you!
  5. Stormecho

    Ability Choice Pokemafia [Game Thread]

    one day I will join a mafia where flavour text is super important once more... but yeah I guess if that's the case we don't have much to go on right now B(
  6. Stormecho

    [Closed] Ability Choice Pokemafia

    Re: Ability Choice Pokemafia hmmmm it was tough but Super Luck I have other choices if more of these ever happen because daaamn that's a huge list to choose from
  7. Stormecho

    Behind the Avatar, Redux

    new haircut so obligatory pictures of my kind of cool hair (my face less so but I have a headache today so I'm allowed to be the opposite of photogenic) wheee cooler side view
  8. Stormecho

    ASB password scare and related bans

    I... really don't know what to say - mai's been my friend for a while so this just... really blindsided me why was this even a thing??? what the fuck guys I've never managed to even get into asb properly so there's a lot of... history and past drama that's currently escaping me but just ugh
  9. Stormecho

    The "Fwee" Thread

    nah somehow it did not put me in a drinking mood
  10. Stormecho

    The "Fwee" Thread

    there was a flood of beer at my work today! I had to clean it up since, you know, janitorial job, and at first we thought it was a ceiling leak or the roof cracking or something but nope two entire kegs of beer all over the floor, to the point it started leaking through the cracks and coming...
  11. Stormecho

    So I guess there's a bandwagon going on here...

    yoooo it's good to see you again! man everyone coming back is just lovely tbh
  12. Stormecho

    Idea Centre 3: Idea Harder

    oh maaaan that sounds great I am so for joining that one too tbh
  13. Stormecho

    *crawls out of the graveyard*

    yoooo it's been so long!!! welcome back it's so great to see you!
  14. Stormecho

    [cancelled] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

    Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity Name: Ataro Age: 23 Gender: Female Species: Girafarig Personality: Whimsical and quick to speak, Ataro is something of a capricious presence - while she clearly wants to help and be part of the Empire, she's evasive about her reasons, often giving...
  15. Stormecho

    Idea Centre 3: Idea Harder

    I would likely join that as well! I also haven't posted here yet because while I've wanted to rp, I couldn't handle coming up with any ideas that seemed cool and fun and not rehashing of old well-known rps let alone run anything ahaha
  16. Stormecho

    how've you been?

    how've you been?
  17. Stormecho

    oh hey! it's been a while, it's cool to see you again

    oh hey! it's been a while, it's cool to see you again
  18. Stormecho

    It's Me!

    oh man, tons of familiar faces yo! it's been like... three years or something but yeah hey, it's cool to see you
  19. Stormecho

    Fandom Mafia 3

    nope, my entire role is that I take longer to die than anyone else - that's why I'm still hanging around and talking now, rather than well... being dead
  20. Stormecho

    Uh.....I'm back

    oh hey! nice to see you around again!
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