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  1. Jolty

    Just rambling, I suppose. Haha.

    so like this is a very big mood!
  2. Jolty

    lmao only just saw your message now 3 days later sorry! yes i still occasionally come here to...

    lmao only just saw your message now 3 days later sorry! yes i still occasionally come here to lurk but anyway life treated me not so gr8 but it's been way better the past few years also i am married now :^) i hope you've been doing well!!
  3. Jolty

    The "Fwee" Thread

    guess who got married today (IT WAS ME!)
  4. Jolty


    i know this thread is a million years old now but is anyone else wigged out that christianity and judaism have been lumped together on the poll
  5. Jolty

    How many Pokédexes (or Pokédex equivalents) have you completed?

    Re: How many Pokédexes (or Pokédex equivalents) have you completed? in chronological order: white, white 2, x, alpha sapphire, yellow yellow was the hardest tbh
  6. Jolty

    Your Life since Joining TCoD

    i was a mod here once i don't think i got to do any actual mod things but i have my own forum for that. all i do is change the forum skin every so often anyway since i last posted in this thread i have something vaguely resembling a regular adult life now i am /actually/ going to meet my...
  7. Jolty

    Video Game "To-Do" List

    Games I Own and Need To Finish (for a First Playthrough) Professor layton vs Ace Attorney Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Sonic Generations Megaman Starforce 1 Megaman Battle Network 1 Super Mario RPG The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourgrlass Games I Own and...
  8. Jolty

    What Games Are You Playing?

    mostly playing fallout 3, just finished completing the pokedex on alpha sapphire, started a new file on saints row the third like literally yesterday i have probably loads of games that need finishing too. and i am considering starting new games on pokemon black and black 2
  9. Jolty

    it did thanks! haha god it's been 2 weeks and i still can't move very fast or use my arms /that/...

    it did thanks! haha god it's been 2 weeks and i still can't move very fast or use my arms /that/ much but it'll get there eventually right. also happy late birthday ghfkjg
  10. Jolty

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    Mr Caddy in Sheffield see like. i was referred to him back in december, but then in february he was off sick for ages so i got referred to Mr Kneeshaw in Hull (who i actually saw 2 days ago lmao) but then mr caddy came back and gave me an appointment in june and since hearing nothing since i...
  11. Jolty

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    this thread hardly ever gets updated but i am hype so posting basically everywhere i am out on: top surgery on monday hoooly shit
  12. Jolty

    Notable TCOD "Villains"

    turbo was the kind of villain that you actually secretly liked to see because he was just so fucking ridiculous also like. light mightyena's mum was a villain. at the time. now we know everything she said was perfectly reasonable. hari nezumi and freeziepop basically turning the forums upside...
  13. Jolty

    UK General Elections 2015

    so who else is gonna escape to scotland
  14. Jolty

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    that is pretty much the standard "cis way of thinking about gender" for lack of a better expression if you weren't cis you'd very likely have feelings that something was not quite right as for the identifying out of male/female because society's expectations of gender then i've never...
  15. Jolty

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    hope you're feeling better soon man, glad it went well though!
  16. Jolty

    Transgender vs not conforming to gender stereotypes?

    it's about how you feel about your body if you're born as one sex but feel like you should have characteristics of the other sex, then you're probably transgender i have seen that a lot of (but not all) trans people tend to like things associated with their "chosen" gender anyway, that could be...
  17. Jolty

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    YEAH BYRUS WHENEVER YOU GET A CHANCE PLS TELL US HOW IT WENT me: got a consultation for top surgery on the 18th, actual surgery will be may/june i think. also currently have a girlfriend (who is also bi) and am still surrounded by straight people irl 24/7. is rather tiring. do any other...
  18. Jolty

    What gender do you play as in games?

    if there are dudes to marry then i'll play as female (assuming it's lol str8 marriage only). if not i'll go with whichever one i like the look of best. with pokemon, in my main game i always play as the boy and in the game i get to replay over and over i'll usually play as the girl :v
  19. Jolty

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    after 9 months of being delayed for top surgery they are referring me for it right now. may 2015 hell fuckin yea
  20. Jolty

    Butterfree's Name

    i call most of my online friends by their internet nicknames because that's what they prefer. i think that's pretty common for most people online anyway i used to be called jolty 100% of the time by my friends (and anyone else) but now most people call me by my real name which is fine with me...
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