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  1. Ambipom


    I shat bricks upon seeing Galaxy 2.
  2. Ambipom

    Idea Center

    It's ironic; I actually planned on having it in Termina, but with more species. I'm still working on a plot, but if anyone has any ideas for the RP or anything tell me!
  3. Ambipom

    Idea Center

    How about a new Zelda RP since the old one died?
  4. Ambipom

    Character changes thread

    I thought ??? was the default name.
  5. Ambipom

    Colours and days of the week

    Monday: Red Tuesday: Blue Wednesday: Orange Thursday: Brown Friday: Orange Saturday: Not sure Sunday: Yellow or white depending on my mood
  6. Ambipom

    I need a band name

    this x10000000000
  7. Ambipom

    Grocery Store!

    Sorry, Brock doesn't exist. Can someone get me a bag of stuff, a box of something, or a can of things?
  8. Ambipom


    Absolutely. I got spanked as a kid and I got whipped into shape. You say you're afraid when your parents get mad- that's the damn point. Yelling is just voices, and voices can't hurt you, unless they make you go deaf and I doubt your parents would do that. It should never injure you and should...
  9. Ambipom

    HeartGold And SoulSilver

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I'm getting HeartGold because it has Ho-oh which owns Lugia even though you can get them both and because Gold is a cooler color. Though I might wait to see the version exclusives. Maybe I'll get both if my brother doesn't want...
  10. Ambipom

    Gold & Silver Remake Thread

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am soooo excited Finallyyyyyyyyy The names suck, but who cares GOLD AND SILVER REMAKESSSSSSSSSS I'm getting Heart Gold because Ho-oh owns.
  11. Ambipom

    Is there going to be a Generation V?

    I've seen much better Fakemon before. Honestly we don't need eevelution evos, because that would be pointless. They're fine as they are, and I'd barf if that Espeon evo was a real Pokemon.
  12. Ambipom

    You laugh you lose (aka POST ALL FUNNY STUFF HERE)

    For some reason i found this a bit sad too.
  13. Ambipom

    Sum up other users as Pokemon types

    Okay I'm really bad at this stuff so let's just pretend I gave you whatever you wanted to hear so now do me
  14. Ambipom

    cartoons r soopr kool

    What how did I not notice this. Cartoons are the most awesome thing on television ever especially stuff by Craig McCraken or whatever. Join join join.
  15. Ambipom

    Types Advantages and Disadvantages

    Holy crap it isn't? I could've sworn it was.
  16. Ambipom

    Types Advantages and Disadvantages

    Bug>Dark is because bugs will sometimes come out at night and stuff. Or at least that's how I see it. Ice>Dragon because I see the dragon type as dinosaurish, and some people think that the ice age killed the dinosaurs. Fighting>Bug because a martial artist could probably kill a fly...
  17. Ambipom

    I vaugley remembered the name LynxRunner, you said here was your favorite website in the...

    I vaugley remembered the name LynxRunner, you said here was your favorite website in the "Favorite website" thread, and I don't remember what thread this was but you were showing some noobish posts from "another forum" and I remembered those. (btw I'm Mrjupiter)
  18. Ambipom

    You're LynxRunner from starmen.net. :>

    You're LynxRunner from starmen.net. :>
  19. Ambipom

    Yeah, I loooove Kid Radd. It's like the most epic awesome comic ever. I only got into it about a...

    Yeah, I loooove Kid Radd. It's like the most epic awesome comic ever. I only got into it about a month or two ago but it totally blew me away. (Also Itty Bitty owns.)
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