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  1. storm

    Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    I managed to avoid all spoilers until I started looking for them (for the starter evolutions, I like to base my choice on the final evolutions). probably not being on twitter anymore helped greatly with not seeing leaks I have a friend coming over for christmas eve who'll be getting violet...
  2. storm

    Twenty Years of TCoD

    twenty years ;; it's been so long!! I have so many fond memories of the activity, of the atmosphere... I remember reading and lurking on all sorts of threads and being deeply impressed by what the community was willing to discuss and debate over. I give a lot of credit for my teenage views to...
  3. storm

    I reminisced this morning about how much this forum opened my eyes as a young teen and now I'm...

    I reminisced this morning about how much this forum opened my eyes as a young teen and now I'm feeling nostalgic...
  4. storm

    The "Fwee" Thread

    very small fwee but I was convinced my teeth were in a terrible state due to not going to a dentist for a long time. I went for an intense appointment at a new and really friendly place yesterday and there are a few small things and an overall situation to work on but!! no immediate bad...
  5. storm

    major eyes emoji... I dearly miss tcodf rps

    major eyes emoji... I dearly miss tcodf rps
  6. storm

    What are you currently feeling nostalgic about?

    there's an ancient and now defunct zelda website that looked so high-effort for late 90's and early 2000's. it had essays and opinion pieces and hosted fanfiction, there were long breakdowns of myths and theories, and a built-in music player that was what singlehandedly got me into the series...
  7. storm

    glad to return to my fun pastime of lurking the mafia threads

    glad to return to my fun pastime of lurking the mafia threads
  8. storm

    Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    I personally wish more time was being spent between generations and in development. I also just spend a lot of time on games - I'm still not done arceus, I'll probably go back to snap to 100% it after that - and this kind of pace is worrying, both in a "I don't have time to play what I want...
  9. storm

    Been a while

    oh hey, it's been ages! welcome back!
  10. storm

    The "Fwee" Thread

    good luck to you both!!
  11. storm

    New Pokemon Snap! (for the switch)

    I'm really enjoying the game (even if the quests and the alternate paths might just kill me, omg)
  12. storm

    let herbe draw a tarot card for you

    hello... card pls??
  13. storm

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl

    I am very curious and excited for pokemon legends! more cautious about the remakes and waiting to see how faithful they'll be, as I can't say the graphical style and lighting are gripping me at the moment. platinum was my first proper pokemon game I bought for myself and finished, and I'd hope...
  14. storm

    Who's your favourite human character?

    silver is the original fave - I loved his arc and the expansion it got in hgss, as well as the subtle hints of his growth through his team. lance is my favourite champion out of sheer nostalgia, I think, but I also really like cyrus, n, gladion and lillie! shoutout to sword and shield for also...
  15. storm


  16. storm

    Endless Legend SSLP

    I am seconding the cultists as a second save, if possible - I really like the aesthetic and ideas behind them! though all of these factions sound so cool that I kept meaning to post my choices and being so indecisive that I forgot until the time to make a decision had passed entirely, whoops...
  17. storm

    I would definitely read and follow either/both

    I would definitely read and follow either/both
  18. storm

    I got a job :O

    I got a job :O
  19. storm

    Online School/Classes

    yeah, all my classes are online which is great for no commute and no bringing back 50000 germs to my 99 year old grandmother but... absolutely horrible for motivation and not falling asleep during seminars. one of my profs does a full three hours seminar which is brutal, and I'm not shy about...
  20. storm

    Back after many years.

    hi, welcome back!! it's really great to have you back around!
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