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  1. hopeandjoy

    How did you find out about this site?

    The main website was linked to on the site of one of the many fanmade Pokemon MMORPGs that people used to make. I was a member of those forums. I found the site, liked it, and joined these forums. One of the better internet choices I made tbh.
  2. hopeandjoy

    What is TCoD?

    a bunch of old ass nerds.
  3. hopeandjoy

    TCoD Party Nights

    I'm starting a Cards Against Humanity game here in about 30 40 minutes right now it's over! Good game! If the link doesn't work, find hopeandjoy9 in the Bigger, Blacker Box sever. We have room for 10 players and 10 spectators! EDIT: Password is tcod because I am a dumb who forgot to post that.
  4. hopeandjoy

    TCoD Party Nights

    I don't want to co-opt VM's thing, but would anyone be interested in playing Cards Against Humanity some nights/days when VM can't stream?
  5. hopeandjoy

    Fandom Mafia 4 [Game]

    Whoops, I forgot to be posting here! Summer classes suck. Anyway, yeah there's no way I'm scum. I haven't been online in over a week. I'm someone from Gintama, for the record.
  6. hopeandjoy

    Fandom Mafia 4 (Sign-ups Closed)

    Re: Fandom Mafia 4 (Sign-ups Open) Signing up! Maybe this will make me more active. And you know them all, we are mutuals on tumblr after all.
  7. hopeandjoy

    Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

    Non chibi models and character customization!
  8. hopeandjoy

    How many shinies have you seen/caught (Wild encounters only)?

    One Psyduck in Diamond like. 8 years ago. I have the worst shiny luck but somehow got Pokerus twice as a kid?
  9. hopeandjoy

    Potential Live-Action Pokémon Movie

    Re: Potential Live-Action Pokémon Movie I won't believe it until there's a trailer. Films regularly end up in talks or with vague dates and are never made. I also don't think it would work well or be very good. There's not a great video game movie track record and there's an even worse...
  10. hopeandjoy

    How many Pokédexes (or Pokédex equivalents) have you completed?

    Re: How many Pokédexes (or Pokédex equivalents) have you completed? None. I'm too lazy to even catch more than what I need for my team and you expect me to catch 700+ of them?
  11. hopeandjoy


    I played a little FireRed on Friday because I have no money right now, but I have to admit I was spending all of yesterday playing Stardew Valley and sleeping when eye strain set in. Sorry Pokemon.
  12. hopeandjoy

    Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

    Seems there's not trading capability between XYORAS and S&M; it has to happen through Bank.
  13. hopeandjoy

    Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

    Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon Confirmed, also Pokemon from the VC Gen 1 games can be transferred to Bank and then to Sun and Moon.
  14. hopeandjoy

    Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

    Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon Eh, two thoughts: Game Freak has trademarked unused names before. Conterpoint: Magearna and Pokemon Direct. It could go either way, but I'm not super convinced that Gen 7 is coming just yet.
  15. hopeandjoy

    (SPOILERS) CoroCoro reveals new Pokemon: Magiana

    More or less what Alxprit said. There's no way of knowing if this means Gen 6.5 or Gen 7; Munchlax was revealed over a year before DP came out in Japan after all.
  16. hopeandjoy

    Half a decade of tCoD

    a note to all members younger than me: you're not allowed to grow up. stop it. Happy TCODiversary, ILS!
  17. hopeandjoy

    Being an Idiot

    Even a sentient snowflake needs love.
  18. hopeandjoy

    Webcomic recommendations

    I miss Brawl in the Family guys. I also liked Bob and George back in the day shut up.
  19. hopeandjoy

    Pinball R/S on Virtual Console

    I still have the cart but I'm not very good at pinball.
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