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  1. voltianqueen


    1. Should kids have cellphones? I don't really get the point of them having one unless they're at an age where they're starting to go out alone or something. I mean, I guess it's useful for a lot of things, but... I still don't have one and I function fine without it. I'm only getting one next...
  2. voltianqueen

    2012 Halloween Costumes??

    Here's my family. I'm in front with the wolf mask, my sister beside me is Gamzee from Homestuck, my other sister is Lil Cal also from HS, my other sister is Gerard Way, and our friend is Stan from South Park. In the background is my cousin, who was waiting for her dad to pick her up from my...
  3. voltianqueen

    Anyone else play Harvest Moon?

    I love Harvest Moon ^__^ I've played A/nother Wonderful Life, Magical Melody, and Tree of Tranquility, and my sister has a few DS ones which I haven't played. I feel like I spent the most time and effort on Magical Melody, but finding out that your baby never grows up and stuff sorta stops...
  4. voltianqueen

    Starter For Black/White 2?

    I'm picking Tepig this time, since I got Oshawott in original Black. Tepig was my original choice for the first games, but I didn't like Emboar and ended up liking Samurott best. Emboar has grown on me since then, so.... Still not really a huge fan of the Snivy line!
  5. voltianqueen

    Do you own any Pokemon Merchandise?

    I've got a bunch of plush toys :3 My favorite Pikachu is a big one with no tail named Nakkie that my aunt found for us at a yard sale one time. But yeah we have a bunch of plushies and figures, including a Palkia keychain my sister bought for me that I keep with my house keys now. I also have...
  6. voltianqueen

    Absurdly lucky/unlucky moments

    My best battling moment has to be the time my Jolteon's Focus Band activated THREE TURNS IN A ROW. Best day ever! This one is sort of good luck but bad luck.. On Crystal I have encountered a shiny Drowzee twice in a row....without having any pokeballs. TWICE. That's like..not even possible. I...
  7. voltianqueen

    Yourself on the internet, eight or so years ago.

    Eight/nine years ago was when I first started learning to use the internet by myself. I tried making a Neopets account at that time, but I didn't know how to make an email so I didn't get to. During those times I mostly just looked up Fushigi Yuugi and Pokemon pictures and fanfics. I remember...
  8. voltianqueen

    Teachers/Parents and Dorkiness

    My Latin teacher was pretty great, he was a Katamari fan and also made references to Zelda and other stuff like that. He got sidetracked a lot and would usually end up talking about games or something with the class :P I brought my psp to school one time with my sister's Me and My Katamari game...
  9. voltianqueen

    What Pokemon are good pets?

    I'd love a Manectric and Houndoom. I have ferrets in real life, so having a Furret or Linoone would work, too. Also Buizel. Espeon. Sandile. I love pets. I love Pokemon owo
  10. voltianqueen

    A thought about B/W

    Usually I try to hurry up and finish the main game so I can get to the "good stuff" ..that is, working on competitive Pokemon xD Playing against other people is basically what I love the most in the games. So..you could try raising some Pokemon for battling online or with friends :D Sometimes...
  11. voltianqueen

    What part of the franchise are you interested in?

    I mostly just play the games, but I like to play the cards with my sister sometimes. Drawing and looking at other people's drawings especially is fun. Also imagination~ :D I like to imagine my Pokemon in the games with different personalities and stuff, make up stories, make my own Pokemon, and...
  12. voltianqueen

    What was your first ever Pokémon game?

    Re: What was your first ever Pokémon game? The first Pokemon game I ever played was Pokemon Stadium. We rented it once or twice around the time it came out. The first Pokemon game I owned was Silver, when I was 6. I asked for it and a Gameboy Color for Christmas. And a cat. I didn't get the...
  13. voltianqueen


    I got... -A 3DS! -Starfox 3D -Sonic shirt -SWISH PANTS (you know, those athletic pants that go "swish") -an awesome [five-headed] dragon incense burner, plus incense to burn in it ...from Santa Claus and my parents >:3 From the rest of my family, I got -$50 all together from my grandmother and...
  14. voltianqueen

    Who are you?

    I'm Korinna, 17 years old, from Tennessee. I'm pretty small, I'm 4'9" like my mom and my older sister, and I'm pretty sure I won't be growing any more that that! My eyesight seriously sucks, so I wear glasses, and I like wearing them. My dad always talks about "and you'll never have to wear...
  15. voltianqueen

    Christmas decorations.

    Usually we just have a tree and decorate that! For most of my life we had an artificial tree, but once that one became so old and worn, we started getting real trees, which I loved (smells good). After a few years, though, my parents got tired of buying one each year and managing it, so we got a...
  16. voltianqueen

    Me too xD So far I've made my best friend and my little sisters watch it... Trying to get bf to...

    Me too xD So far I've made my best friend and my little sisters watch it... Trying to get bf to hurry up and watch the last parts of it, but that'll probably take a while -__- One of my sister's friends also was interested in it, so I told her next time she comes over we can start watching it...
  17. voltianqueen

    Yes I dooo, I love that :D

    Yes I dooo, I love that :D
  18. voltianqueen

    TMI Time: Virginity

    I am. There's a lot of reasons why, but...no problem. Alone time is still fun xD
  19. voltianqueen

    Signature Type?

    My favorite types are Fire, Electric, and Dragon. If there's a type that represents me... Oh, I dunno. Maybe something like a cool Water or Psychic, since I'm pretty laid-back all the time.
  20. voltianqueen

    what was your initial opinion on first finding out gen 5's pokemon?

    I liked the ones that were first revealed, you know, the starters and Haxorus and friends... When I saw the whole lot of them, my reaction was "FAKE!!" ... They're okay now, I guess, since there's a big bunch I like. Still, it isn't my favorite gen as far as designs, but it's not like I hate any...
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