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  1. Stryke


    That's the same situation as I'm in! My basement is getting remodeled, and that's where my consoles Wii resides. We've had it forever, so I'm allowed to pick a new system. And even though the Switch is coming out soon, I'm probably gonna get a Wii U, so I can still play my Wii games, and get the...
  2. Stryke


    From what I heard, its confirmed that they're also switching from disc based games to cartridges for the switch, which eliminates any possibility of sticking a Wii U game in the Switch and expecting it to work. I was hoping they'd have digital Wii U releases in the vein of Virtual Console, but...
  3. Stryke


    Same here! Which reminds me... I need to go "misplace" my birthday wish list... But honestly, this looks pretty OK. I'm a bit confused by it, but I'm confused with every console. I just hope it has backwards compatibility with the Wii U, since I never got one...
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