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  1. GorMcCobb


    i don't think anythings going to happen.
  2. GorMcCobb

    The Most Forgotten Pokemon

    I was thinking more like Gulpin. Whenever it pops up in brawl i'm like "?!"!
  3. GorMcCobb

    Hey buuuuuuudy... you forgot about that request didn't you. T_T' Rawr whatever... your just in...

    Hey buuuuuuudy... you forgot about that request didn't you. T_T' Rawr whatever... your just in grade 8. Rock the art class. I miss school. Being graduated kinda sucks.
  4. GorMcCobb

    Well, You Thought Wrong

    I threw the master ball before. but i was like "whatever. I caught the electabuzz"
  5. GorMcCobb

    Magikarp Thoughts

    no! No paracites! Magikarp is glorious the way it is!
  6. GorMcCobb

    Requests Open *Promises to draw better*

    dont forget my shiftry extra sensorizing a ditto.
  7. GorMcCobb

    The Great Pokemon Hunt

    I hate getting feebas. arg! I had my modest syncronizing espeon in the front and my false swipe sneasle.... but i never even found one. only time i caught one was when my sister and i were feebas hunting in the advance games... she found one above the waterfall ao we just mixed records.
  8. GorMcCobb

    Kyogre,Groudon,or Rayquaza?

    Groudon is teh awesomerz. Even know he is inferior in strenghth
  9. GorMcCobb

    lol I haven't been here for time! So yeah! It would be awesome if you did. It would give me a...

    lol I haven't been here for time! So yeah! It would be awesome if you did. It would give me a reason to live on this site!
  10. GorMcCobb

    Best Poses

    Kanto was awesome. I'm playing through Gold right now. I've just Beaten the elite four and am beating the gymes now. I love some of the very offencive poses.
  11. GorMcCobb

    Type Change

    I can't think of any pokemon that should get a type change. I was going to say get rid of flying on Gyarados, but then it would be even better than now... Except it's pretty good with ground imunity.
  12. GorMcCobb

    OMG boxing day shopping

    Holy cow, boxing day shopping is insane. There were like over 200 people in Future shop. But I did finaly get animal crossing city folk.
  13. GorMcCobb

    The Christmas thread

    I got a 16GB flash drive, the Rurouni Kenshin season 3 box set(anime), and a funky belt that's studed like a red and black checkerboard. It was okay.
  14. GorMcCobb

    Least favourite pokemon in Competitive Battling.

    I hate when people use garchomp. I think it changing to uber was the best thing that happened to it
  15. GorMcCobb

    Whats your sign? ;)

    lol may 20th? It that is Taurus. Capricorn would be like during this week to January 20th.
  16. GorMcCobb

    The Christmas thread

    Chrismas means I don't see much of my friends. But I am having a sledding party on the 30th though. Well, I want a snowboard for chistmas. I haven't gone snowboarding for a long time.
  17. GorMcCobb

    Starter Pokemon

    GO! FERALIGATR!!!!! I love it!!!
  18. GorMcCobb

    Nostalgia in Pokémon Games

    Re: Nostalgia in Pokémon Games I'm playing through pokemon gold right now. Because I had some nostalgia. I can goto the Elite Four now, but my team isn't ready. Lv.37 Scyther Lv.37 Hypno Lv.35 Eevee Lv.37 Staryu Lv.37 Rhydon(yes I traded a dragonair) And Lv.41 Ho-oh But once they're ready, I...
  19. GorMcCobb

    Missingno. and 'M Glitch Pokemon

    Last time I did a missingno glitch on yellow, when I put my pikachu in the box, it deleted my file. Now I've been too lazy to re-beat the game.
  20. GorMcCobb

    Pokemon Memorial Thread

    I've deleted 2 files with shineys. Both with linoone...
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