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  1. Evanlyn

    Acronym Game

    A Silly Dart Found Gary's Happy Jackaroo Killing Lions DATMAFETE
  2. Evanlyn

    Yet Another Association Game

  3. Evanlyn


    Name: Evanlyn Tumblr: suiag-life.tumblr.com
  4. Evanlyn


    Thanks! Ah ok. It'll be my state's State Music Camp (So yeah, lots of talent musicians etc.) And I'll be playing clarinet; though the day before music camp I'm finally getting my Sax back after 3 months of repairs YAY! (I'm not that good at it yet, but it's all good fun to blow through it and...
  5. Evanlyn

    Energy Drinks

    I'm awesome, and I don't have a technical 'energy drink' instead I have... chocolate milk! But mainly I drink water... the chocolate milk is an occasional treat!
  6. Evanlyn


    I got my music exam results the other day. Now, my accompanist found out 4 days before my exam that... he couldn't do it cause he'd double booked!! But he did the nice thing - he found me someone else, instead of leaving me out in the dark :3 Anyway... on to the results!! ahem! I got an.. A...
  7. Evanlyn

    Suggestions Evanlyn's Illustrations

    OK So I've recently gone on a Doctor Who craze and have drawn 3 pictures of David Tennant in 3 days! Black Pencil One White Paper - Circulism Shading Technique Black pencil on white paper - Blended shading technique Coloured Pencil One White Paper
  8. Evanlyn

    Suggestions Evanlyn's Illustrations

    Here's some more I've started using a new shading technique - instead of cross-hatching, I'm using 'blended shading'. A Baby Boy - Drawn on Sunday, 10 June, 2012. Time taken to draw; 3.5 hours. A 3-year-old's hands. Drawn on Saturday, 9 June, 2012 Time taken to draw; 1 hour.
  9. Evanlyn

    Happiness.. :)

    ok so well I'm home schooled, and each month there's a home schooling group that I go to. This month it's going to be on a Tuesday night so Mum thought 'no' cause of school and whatnot (it takes 3 hours to get to where the group is hosted). But with a bit of probing I've tweaked the...
  10. Evanlyn

    Yet Another Association Game

  11. Evanlyn

    It's my birthday!

  12. Evanlyn

    Pet Peeves?

    ^ I agree with that I don't mind bad grammar or spelling (mainly cause the person I chat to most nights over google spells about a quarter of his words wrong) Anyway, I get annoyed (about); when I'm told to do a job, then given another job straight away, then asked why I haven't done the...
  13. Evanlyn

    One-Shot The Battle

    I know, after I wrote it and reread it I actually thought 'Gosh, this is ridiculous' but I figured that most of the entries in the competition would be really serious and whatnot so I thought I'd put in something different. Ok, done. Thanks for the advice!
  14. Evanlyn

    Happy Easter!

    Just as the title says. HAPPY EASTER!! I hope everyone had/has/will have an awesome Easter :D
  15. Evanlyn

    One-Shot The Battle

    I wrote this for a competition at our local fair. It had to be 1000 words or less. At one point, I went on DeviantART and I entered a competition, I had to comment and use the word 'pineapple' at least once, and that was a really shortened version of this. So yeah, that's where I got the idea...
  16. Evanlyn

    It's my birthday!

    Happy Birthday!! Wow, an ipod touch - cool! :D
  17. Evanlyn

    On Clarinets!

    Thanks! Yep, and each week I'm getting the slightest bit better at playing the pieces, so I reckon the exam shouldn't be too difficult. I just hope I don't get too nervous and blow it! Wow that is awesomely fast! Good for you! :D I've had my current clarinet for about 2 years now, my old...
  18. Evanlyn

    On Clarinets!

    I have a 4th grade clarinet exam this June, and for like 3 months I, my music teacher, and my Mum have been searching for an accompanist (someone to play the piano while I'm playing my clarinet [it's necessary]). Anyway, one week ago, I was hanging out with friends I hadn't seen in a while, and...
  19. Evanlyn

    *begins waving back* helloooooo there!

    *begins waving back* helloooooo there!
  20. Evanlyn

    Suggestions Evanlyn's Illustrations

    Hi ok so *takes deep breath* I am Evanlyn I like to draw (a lot) though it is really only a hobby. I very rarely go on the computer to try to do some computer art. Here's some of my artwork; Clarinet - Pastel Drawing ^ The other night, I sat in my room, I just wasn't too tired so I wasn't...
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