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  1. Thorne

    Open Hybrid's War

    Micah sat on the sand, doing nothing in general. He pretty much just there, looking at the sky. A gentle breeze blew at his face. he was currently in half-Umbreon form, so he was naturally covered in black fur. Micah eventually got up and walked away, waving at Charlie as he happened to pass by.
  2. Thorne

    Open Hybrid's War

    Alright done, it's short but should be enough.
  3. Thorne

    Open Hybrid's War

    Reserve please. I have other things to do right now. Name: Micah Bronson Gender: Male Age: 15 Side: Hybrid Pokemon: Umbreon History: Micah grew up in a small village before eventually moving to the big city with his parents. But they separated and Micah moved to his grandfather...
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