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  1. Dave Strider

    Open Hybrid's War

    Charlie looked around. He thought he saw some boats on the distance. He blinked, looked and they were still there. He could barely see them but they were approaching fast. He morphed into Slowking form and sent out a telepathic message. 'The humans are coming! If anyone can hear me, Come to...
  2. Dave Strider

    Open Hybrid's War

    Charlie sat on the beutiful white beach. He was in his half slowking form, reading a book from his secret stash. It was quite relaxing, but he could not stop thinking about the pending attack. Nothing we can do to stop it now. But we can try to stop them when they get here. Charlie put his book...
  3. Dave Strider

    Open Hybrid's War

    Name: Charlie Jones Gender: Male Age: 17 Side: Hybrid Pokemon: Slowking History: As a little kid, Charlie read hundreds upon hundreds of books. His pet Kadabra found interesting books in the library and levitated them to him. He thought that the more he knew, the better he was than everyone...
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