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  1. Yubari

    Would you be into Pokémon if it came out today?

    The question is crazy to even think about because its hard to imagine what you would even have been into as a kid without Pokémon's influence as a franchise. Like Digimon wouldn't exist and Yugioh might not even be the way it is. We might've ended up getting Pokémon today and going "yeah these...
  2. Yubari

    Who's your favourite human character?

    Like a few other people have mentioned Guzma is really great. He gets a ton of characterization in the games but the scenes from the Pokémon league in the anime really hammer home how good he and team skull are. I'm also weird and I love Hop. His emotional journey throughout SwSh was really cool...
  3. Yubari

    Pokèmon Sleep

    I was down to try it until the trailer was like yeah leave your phone on all night lol. The personality test thingy on the website said I sleep like a Digglett though which is absolutely true
  4. Yubari

    Would you be into Pokémon if it came out today?

    I think if Pokémon hadn't come out until 2023 I would either be dead or in prison or both
  5. Yubari

    What's Your Favorite Pokémon?

    Raticate is technically favorite, especially Alolan Raticate, but honestly I think Slowbro is like an idealized version of what a Pokémon is. Its got the Rhydon style egg shaped body with the stumpy limbs, and its kinda nebulous what animal(s) its based on in a way that makes it just a Pocket...
  6. Yubari

    Appreciate the Underapprectiated Pokémon

    Mienshao was underappreciated by me for a long time but its a good one Recently for some reason I'm fixated on Squawkabilly cuz I never see anyone talk about it but its a perfect little bird Pokémon. After living with a bird for a while you come to appreciate when bird Pokémon have the right...
  7. Yubari

    Name something pretty :3

    Shiny Wyrdeer cuz it's perfectly matcha colored
  8. Yubari

    Name Nintendo characters one by one.

    DJ Octavio is from Splatatatatatatooon I'm gonna go real weird and say Akira Howard
  9. Yubari

    Rate the Pokémon above you on a scale from one to ten

    Regular Vulpix I'd give like a 7/10 just because Ive never really vibed with its curls, but alolan Vulpix I'd give an 8.5 because it isnt doing anything crazy design wise but its one of the cutest Pokémon ever Kleavor!
  10. Yubari

    Create a rainbow with Pokemon you like!

    I did mine at 5am and couldnt remember any orange Pokémon besides Trapinch for a while
  11. Yubari


    Thank you sea friend
  12. Yubari

    What is your favourite middle stage Water starter?

    Up until PLA redesigned Samurott I wished that line ended at Dewott lol. I love it's little hakama and top knot thing its got going on. Wartortle would be in the same place for me if Blastoise wasnt Blastoise cuz I think Wartortle is perfect too. I'll also throw out that I love Brionne because...
  13. Yubari


    Hi I'm Yubari. I probably have the most hours clocked in Favorite Pokémon Picker in the whole world, I love staring at Pokémon's designs and thinking about them with my mind. My favorite Pokémon is Raticate, but also Slowbro, but also Mewtwo. I always seem to gravitate toward Poison and Dark...
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