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  1. DarkLordOfFire

    The Challenge Board

    The Empty Stadium: 1 vs 1 Battle Style: Set Damage Cap: None DQ Time: 14 Days Banned: OHKO'S, Direct Heal (Indirect healing like dream eater is fine), Perish song, Destiny bond, Pain split, weather moves, attract, chills limited to 2 per Pokémon. Arena: A large deserted arena stands in the...
  2. DarkLordOfFire

    Pokémon Registration Office

    Re: Pokémon Registration Office Evolving: [Char] Charmander (M) Ability: Blaze Into: [Char] Charmeleon (M) Ability: Blaze http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=404065&postcount=14 Think this is right.
  3. DarkLordOfFire

    Pokémon Registration Office

    Re: Pokémon Registration Office [Aoura] Lapras (F) Ability: Shell Armour http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=403290&postcount=214
  4. DarkLordOfFire

    Bank of TCoD

    £0+£8=£8 In case it needs confirming http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=404065&postcount=14
  5. DarkLordOfFire

    Pokémon Registration Office

    Re: Pokémon Registration Office Got a new Lapras. http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=403290&postcount=214
  6. DarkLordOfFire

    The Black Market

    Erm i guess i accept then. ;)
  7. DarkLordOfFire

    Emergency Referee Outpost

    So erm can I get an E-Ref for my battle against Patar. Thanks.
  8. DarkLordOfFire

    Hello all!

    Greetings may i take any baggage you have upon your persons.
  9. DarkLordOfFire

    A Generic "Hello, there"

    Good Morning. I'm the Dark Lord of Fire. If you ever want to do the Dinosaur Dance then just ask me for a handy hint. :D
  10. DarkLordOfFire

    Hello There.

    Greetings. Welcome to the half life that is TCoD. I hope you enjoy your stay. Oh, if you get peckish, don't eat the narwahls. They're a bit rubbery. But yeah have fun. :D
  11. DarkLordOfFire

    DarkLordOffire vs Patar

    Ok good so far so lets step it up. If Fluffy uses a weather move use Sunny Day, if Fluffy uses a move so we can't hit her (e.g. protect, dig etc) use chill, if none of these things happen then use Flamethrower then two Brick Breaks Flamethrower/Sunny Day/Chill~Brick Break/Sunny Day/Chill~Brick...
  12. DarkLordOfFire

    DarkLordOffire vs Patar

    ermmmm not good. right then use brick break followed by sunny day then another sunny day in prep for next round. Brick Break~ Sunny Day~ Sunny Day
  13. DarkLordOfFire

    What continent are you from?

    England though as we go to the same school you probably knew that. :D
  14. DarkLordOfFire

    DarkLordOffire vs Patar

    Go Char. This is our first fight so let's go. Okay so it's a dark type so... open with a quick Will-O-Wisp then hit hard with brick break and follow it up with a flamethrower. Will-O-Wisp, Brick Break, Flamethrower
  15. DarkLordOfFire

    The Challenge Board

    Format:1 vs 1 Style:Standard DQ:Two weeks Dmg. Cap:40% Banned/Restricted moves:OHKO's Arena Name:Quiet Meadow Arena Description:In a mostly undiscovered part of the world lies a vast open field. The tall grass swishes gently in the breeze. A bright warm sun illuminates this great paradise for...
  16. DarkLordOfFire

    Profile Archive

    Active [Char] Charmander (M) Ability: Blaze [Chimmy] Chimchar (M) Ability: Blaze [Skull] Duskull (M) Ability: Levitate [Auora] Lapras (F) Ability: Shell Armour Storage:None Items:None http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=381772&postcount=2386
  17. DarkLordOfFire

    Pokémon Registration Office

    Re: Pokémon Registration Office Hi I'm Re-trying to get my first team. I think this is the right link. http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=381748&postcount=2878 [Char] Charmander (Male) Ability: Blaze [Chimmy] Chimchar (Male) Ability: Blaze [Skull] Duskull (Male) Ability:Levitate
  18. DarkLordOfFire

    Bank of TCoD

    £45-£45=£0 http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=381749&postcount=2385
  19. DarkLordOfFire

    Pokémon Registration Office

    Re: Pokémon Registration Office I would like my first team please. Here is the link. http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showthread.php?t=1965&page=143 Not sure if I'm doing any of this right though. The pokemon i would like are: [Char] Charmander (Male) Ability: Blaze [Chimmy] Chimchar (Male)...
  20. DarkLordOfFire

    Bank of TCoD

    Hi can I reactivate my account. I asked for one but then went ofline for a while. Thanks.
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