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  1. opaltiger

    Help me plan my trip around the world!

    This is very funny to me because Superga is an Italian brand of shoe that lends its name to the Slovenian word for sneakers. Ahem. July and August are actually the two months this year I'm mostly /not/ going to be in Australia (instead I will be in Helsinki attending the World Science Fiction...
  2. opaltiger

    Presidential Candidates

    No arguments here. But it's still better than nothing. This is very true. Other countries manage better, though - perhaps the solution is for America to stop viewing itself as such an exception. When you're in an election to become leader! of! the! FREE! WORLD! it's hard to keep things in...
  3. opaltiger

    Presidential Candidates

    I think you're right. The French and the Russian revolutions both failed because of the people involved. It's all very well and good to have ideals; but if some people care about themselves more than about the ideals, it's all going to collapse. And you know what? That's a problem with /every/...
  4. opaltiger

    Presidential Candidates

    Here is a very basic list of things the government is responsible for: infrastructure education social welfare justice emergency services How do you propose to address those without a government? I don't disagree with some of your points. But saying "feudalism and communism failed, ergo...
  5. opaltiger

    Presidential Candidates

    The latter. Feel free to answer both if you want though.
  6. opaltiger

    Presidential Candidates

    Okay. Why?
  7. opaltiger

    On Brexit and its Consequences

    This isn't true. Youth turnout was far higher than initially reported - a majority of ALL people under 25 voted remain, compared to the 37% of all voters who voted leave.
  8. opaltiger

    Favorite board/tabletop games

    This seems really weird to me. I can't imagine anyone in western Europe not knowing what a standard deck of playing cards is. (Certainly not to the extent that they plain wouldn't know they were different.) Were they tarot cards, perchance? Those are used for games in continental Europe. (But...
  9. opaltiger

    Favorite board/tabletop games

    I will play anything so long as I have some sort of agency. Some of my friends really like games like Tales of the Arabian Nights but those drive me crazy because no matter what I do I can't actually progress. Also they last forever. (Once I played the Android boardgame. Never again.) Some games...
  10. opaltiger

    What's going on?

    I'd like to see the word lists the names are being generated from. They seem delightfully eclectic. (And quite often, things I can actually see someone calling themselves!) MissionLivermorium? MixtureMaybe? MixtureMaybe is what my first band is going to be called.
  11. opaltiger

    If by "real-life responsibilities" you mean "the vaguest shred of fiscal responsibility", then...

    If by "real-life responsibilities" you mean "the vaguest shred of fiscal responsibility", then yes. :P Actually, it's kind of a shame. One of my potential plans next summer does involve being in the US, though not until August.
  12. opaltiger

    The "Fwee" Thread

    What was the question? :o
  13. opaltiger

    NaNoWriMo 2015

    As a big fan of dystopian fiction can I just say this sounds like a really fun subversion. :D
  14. opaltiger

    I'm going to Japan!

    There's one in most major cities and three in the Tokyo area.
  15. opaltiger

    I'm going to Japan!

    If you can spare a day, go to Nikko. Tokugawa's tomb is my favourite place in Japan. In Tokyo, I recommend Meiji-jingu - start in Shibuya and make your way up to it, I would say. It's also right next to Harajuku if you like that sort of thing. I also highly recommend the Mori Art Museum in...
  16. opaltiger

    Pokemon POV writing.

    I would especially recommend elyvorg's winning entry from that contest. In addition to just being very well written it's one of the few that really considers what would be different from a Pokemon POV.
  17. opaltiger

    Help me plan my trip around the world!

    Look me up when you start planning the Japan leg in more detail. I will give you far too much detail about things you probably don't care about/won't be able to get to. :D I'll probably be in London for the foreseeable future. But I will also probably spend a not-insignificant amount of time in...
  18. opaltiger

    brb going to sweden

    make him take you to Pelikan :D
  19. opaltiger

    UK General Elections 2015

    Well, that happened.
  20. opaltiger

    I just happened on your suggestion for what to call the ASB tournament and I am so, so sad it...

    I just happened on your suggestion for what to call the ASB tournament and I am so, so sad it didn't happen.
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