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  1. Eeveelution

    Black & White

    Actually, I posted on another site some possible names, and mentioned these two. This also reminds me of how someone once tried to convince me there was a Black version when I was way younger. Anyways, the names are really simple yet sophisticated. In a way, they're just as "glamorous" as the...
  2. Eeveelution

    Chapter/Short Story Length Preferences?

    Everyone has a sort of preference when it comes to story or chapter length. How many minutes would you be willing to spend reading a single chapter or short story? I know you can't exactly measure the length of a story or chapter, since there's no universal measurement for that kind of thing...
  3. Eeveelution

    Descriptions of Pokemon?

    It mainly depends on who's telling it. If it's a 1st person point of view being told by a human, you can use the names of the Pokémon, and then maybe add a few distinguishing features if you want. We can also include descriptions to add suspense, such as a trainer who's never seen it before and...
  4. Eeveelution

    Having a Video Game Character Commit Adultery

    Alright, this has been bothering me for a couple days now. I downloaded the Sims 3: World Adventures to my cell phone (it's a version specially designed for cell phones), and while playing I had my character get married. Then I had him woo a built-in character who's married. While I did this, I...
  5. Eeveelution

    Human Food

    Well, I recall that in one episode of the anime, they mentioned a plant called "Pokémon Nip" that "attracted Pokémon like cat nip attracts cats" or something along those lines. And sadly, Great Boo has a point: it is pretty inhumane to treat Pokémon like that. That's why Pikachu is always out of...
  6. Eeveelution

    Should Pokemon Revisit Orre?

    They were awesome, and I loved them. Actually, I probably have some fan fiction based off of a new one somewhere. A few years ago there was work on a fan version, though it didn't get very far ahead of the planning. However, we did come up with a great title: Rise of Shadows. Anyways, for a long...
  7. Eeveelution

    Human Food

    Actually, I think that Chinese cooks have developed a type of cooking that makes vegetarian meals taste like real meat. Also, I've had a veggie burger, and it tasted like a regular hamburger, so that probably explains the hamburgers. I believe the ice cream was shown in an episode with the...
  8. Eeveelution

    Human Food

    I remember that in the anime, they mentioned Magikarp wasn't good tasting and was mostly just bone and scales, so I doubt that. As for the beef Miltanks, poor Miltanks. Now I wonder what Pokémon would think if they saw their trainers eating meat... o_O
  9. Eeveelution

    If Pokémon were Real

    If Pokémon were Real I know you've already thought of this question, but think of how Pokémon would really affect the real world. Life probably wouldn't be like it is in the games or anime. We'd probably be scared of the bigger Pokémon, there would be huge religions honoring Arceus, Ho-Oh, and...
  10. Eeveelution

    Human Food

    Okay, we know several things that Pokémon can eat (berries, Poffins, Pokéblocks, Moo Moo Milk, etc.), but almost nothing about what humans eat other than what's shown in the Anime. Even then you have to wonder about the human food, since they don't always identify it, and mostly the food is...
  11. Eeveelution

    Your favourite Pokémon of each type?

    Re: Your favourite Pokémon of each type? Normal: Eevee Water: Buizel Grass: Celebi Fire: Growlithe Electric: Pachirisu Bug: Scyther Flying: Ho-Oh Ice: Glaceon Psychic: Espeon Dark: Houndour Rock: Lunatone/Solrock (Tie) Steel: Jirachi Ground: Swampert Poison: Skorupi Ghost: Misdreavus Dragon...
  12. Eeveelution

    Childhood Question-Which pokemon would you have as a pet?

    Eevee. No surprise. Otherwise, Growlithe, Buizel, Houndour/Houndoom, any of the Johto starters, Skitty, or Vulpix/Ninetales. Maybe a Dratini, too. I just like them all so much.
  13. Eeveelution

    Worth of a 100% Legit Celebi?

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so I'll just put this here. What's the worth of a 100% legit Celebi? I'm not putting one up for trade, I'm just curious. A few years ago for the 10th Anniversary Celebration, there were big conventions touring across the USA, and I went to one in Cincinnati and got...
  14. Eeveelution

    Gen. V Vault

    There are only three: Suicune, Entei, and Raikou. Where did you get four from? -New Eeveelutions!! -A new evolution stone for evolving already-existing Pokémon (that way kids won't try to evolve them the same way on a past generation game, such as "Leaf Stone on Eevee") -Hopefully a new Pokémon...
  15. Eeveelution

    (HG/SS) Maps!?

    That's part of the problem: the comic requires both sets. (You'll understand when/if you see it.)
  16. Eeveelution

    (HG/SS) Maps!?

    Okay, I've been looking for rips of the maps for HeartGold/SoulSilver. I want to create a comic, but I need the maps to make it, so I'm getting really annoyed here. I've tried Spriters's Resource and Google, but nothing (unless you count custom maps made for some abandoned projects). Does ANYONE...
  17. Eeveelution

    Holy fuck.

    I've heard of a woman giving birth to a litter of stillborn rabbits turning out to be a hoax (she did give birth, though, by "inserting" the dead rabbits), but this is just... I don't know. Maybe this is another hoax, but if that photo is of lamb's face, it looks somewhat human in the lips...
  18. Eeveelution

    Inside a Poké Ball

    Inside a Poké Ball We all understand Poké Balls hold Pokémon, but one seldom asked question is: what is it like inside one? I searched and found no discussion topics, so I figured I'd start one. What do you think goes on inside the Poké Ball between battles? Do they just sleep, are they...
  19. Eeveelution

    Your Favorite Pokémon or all the Others?

    Your Favorite Pokémon or all the Others? Let's say you were faced with the choice of only having your favorite Pokémon on your team, never even allowed to evolve it (or breed it if it's the final evolution stage), just as many of that one single Pokémon, or all the others except the chain of...
  20. Eeveelution

    One-Shot Curse

    I believe this is the first time I've read one of your stories, Butterfree, and I have to admit, it's an interesting version of Curse. I don't use that move anyway, though, as I'm not a competitive battler or anything like that. However, one thing that really gets to me is the girl's name, Kari...
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