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  1. Arcanine

    NES/SNES pronunciation

    Due to Portuguese being my primary language, I actually say "nesh" and "snesh" ("sh" as in "shoulder"), because most in most words that end in s, the s is pronounced like that. Otherwise "ness" and "sness".
  2. Arcanine

    What Pokemon move would you learn in real life?

    Mach Punch. That way you never see it coming. Also, combo breaker: Dig!
  3. Arcanine


    "Either way/whatever's good" would be "tanto faz" or more literally but also works "qualquer coisa serve" (but now that I think of it, it may sound a little aggressive in the sense you don't really care about it). The other sentence depends on what you're talking about: food would be "eu nunca...
  4. Arcanine


    Well well, grats on the trip! I hope you manage okay out there. As for Portuguese, you can say I'm a reliable source of stock phrases, so feel free to ask. The Brazilian variant is not that different, and even if it was, the sheer amount of Brazilian soap operas that air on Portuguese...
  5. Arcanine

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Patriotism Power makes me able to rub a fact in the face of a friend of mine. If you're keen on the World Cup you'll understand (check location).
  6. Arcanine

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Monster Hunter Tri. At the moment stuck on the Barroth quest, but the rock-headed-dinosaur-locomotive-thing will die to my hands. Eventually. And I have Cha-Cha to cheer me up! Ain't that lil' guy cute.
  7. Arcanine

    I'm sorry, does it have a "teen" after "six"?

    What driving test? Here in Portugal you only get to have your driver's license at 18 years of age. You can ride an average motorcycle at 16, but I don't feel like it. Anyway, thanks :)
  8. Arcanine

    I'm sorry, does it have a "teen" after "six"?

    Hell yeah it does. So I'm bothering you TCoD to say I'm sixteen as of now and for the next year. And guess what? It has a "Hunter" between "Monster" and "Tri"!
  9. Arcanine

    The Terrible Crossover Fanfic Idea Generator

    Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining The Bible and Slaughterhouse 5. The story should use tentacle rape as a plot device! (I don't even know Slaughterhouse, but mixing the Bible with tentacle rape seems a good idea to me.) Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction...
  10. Arcanine

    Open New World Guardians

    ((I'm late =P)) Air. Finally air. Not one of my best days, thought Phobos. Wrong move. A terrible pain spread over his head, making him bite his lip. No, not a good day. He needed something to distract himself from the pain. But first, getting up. Before even opening his eyes, he touched...
  11. Arcanine

    [OOC/Signups] New World Guardians

    Kusa: I wanted it pretty much like you describe it, the texture/pressure thing. The illusion is only supposed to be a distraction, not to cause any real damage (contrary to what 04 apparently is going to do). It's only that 09 is kind of a sadistic when he uses his power on hostile beings, and...
  12. Arcanine

    [OOC/Signups] New World Guardians

    @Kusa: Yeah I know, but without that it might make illusions less realistic and therefore easier to be discovered. If you insist I'm cool with it, but it makes some difference to me.
  13. Arcanine

    [OOC/Signups] New World Guardians

    Edited my first post to contain the form.
  14. Arcanine

    Open Rise of Team Galactic

    Nola felt more comfortable now that the crowd had dispersed. She had a phobia of crowds; she always thought they could trample over her, without noticing her. She still shivered at the thought of that happening. Froslass closed up to her, and despite her chilly body, Nola still felt warmed...
  15. Arcanine

    [OOC/Signups] New World Guardians

    I'd like to reserve. Need time to think of a good power xD EDIT: Done. Name: 09-Phobos Age: 8 Personality: Phobos is pretty much a nice kid. He goes around smiling at everyone, trying his best to make everyone feel good and motivated, is very polite and friendly. However, concentration is a...
  16. Arcanine

    Open Rise of Team Galactic

    Nola had been watching the battle, and she would have giggled because of the grunt, if she wasn't so used not to. Poor Galactic boy. Probably didn't have any other Pokémon to use besides bug types, and especially against a Typhlosion, he was pretty much done. Even the adult seemed to be holding...
  17. Arcanine

    Open Rise of Team Galactic

    Nola wandered aimlessly through Hearthome's marketplace district, with Froslass hovering behind her. That was a truly rare sight, on a place where most trainers had cute and lovely Pokémon, and the Ghost-type only helped Nola's 'phantom girl' image. Not that she cared; she hadn't really cared...
  18. Arcanine

    [OOC/Signup] Rise of Team Galactic

    I shall reserve. EDIT: It be done. Name: Nola Schreiber Age: 17 Gender: Female Pokemon: Froslass (F) Metagross (X) Magmar (M) Shiftry (M) Luxray (M) Appearance: Nola is the 'cursed girl' in your typical horror movie. She is quite short, hardly over 1.50 meters tall, very slim and pale...
  19. Arcanine

    If Pokémon were Real

    Re: If Pokémon were Real In my point of view, the most "cataclysmic" views of this question would apply if Pokémon were introduced in our timeframe. Our society is largely based of the superiority of Man over Animal, and almost Man over Nature. Society sees itself as ruler of the world and...
  20. Arcanine

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Resident Evil 4 FWEEEE~ Krauser and HUNK bring epicness to The Mercenaries. And so does the Chicago Typewriter.
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