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  1. Adnan

    Practice banner shop

    Okayyy, I'm back, just had to do a few things. I'll get on these requests A.S.A.P. Okay.. This was really hard so please forgive me for the poor quality D: I couldn't find a good render or stock for Kadabra, so I had to use the Sugimori art, I couldn't find a good font and I've exceeded my...
  2. Adnan

    Practice banner shop

    Well, I'm making this shop mainly because I'm bored and I need to practice my GFX skills. No fancy introductions, just a simple shop with a few examples. I can make a banner of anything you want.. If you wouldn't mind, please use this form as it helps me actually get a better view of what you...
  3. Adnan

    Yup, it's free. Doesn't take up much space either.

    Yup, it's free. Doesn't take up much space either.
  4. Adnan

    The Spriter's Showcase!

    Rate my 2nd banner ever please. I was messing around with GIMP and this came up.
  5. Adnan

    Image Locator

    I want to add a locator (or something like that) to my worksheet so I know where it is being used and if someone is stealing it. How do I do that? Could someone please help me?
  6. Adnan

    Behind the Avatar [SELF PICTURES GO HERE]

    picture too big Phailed attempt of having a emo hairstyle D; And that's not my room lolz. That's my mum's room, I had to use it because my room doesn't have a mirror :0 .-:Collocus:-.
  7. Adnan

    Suggestions My sprites :/

    I need rates desperately, so I'll shove all my sprites here so you people can rate them. Charizard and Magmar Fusion. Skuntank Devamp. Celebi, Entei, Mewtwo fusion. Corrupted Pallete. It was based on: Click here to feed me! ^That guy^ 1st overshade (2nd for Zulo >.>) Fakemon. So...
  8. Adnan

    Zulo, do you have an MSN?

    Zulo, do you have an MSN?
  9. Adnan

    The Spriter's Showcase!

    My first overshade (2nd for Zulo >.>) Rates please. .-:Collocus:-.
  10. Adnan

    The Spriter's Showcase!

    Anyone mind rating this? :D Please? .-:Collocus:-.
  11. Adnan

    You absolutely have to teach me how to do the flames you did on Torterra. They look so pwn. I...

    You absolutely have to teach me how to do the flames you did on Torterra. They look so pwn. I NEED YOUR GREAT SPRITING SKILLS D8
  12. Adnan

    The Spriter's Showcase!

    Firstly, they're all terribly re-sized. Never, and I mean ever re-size your sprites using Paint, because they'll come out like crap. Secondly, save them as .PNG, not .JPEG or whatever. Only PNG or GIF. Actually, forget GIF, only PNG will work, as it preserves the quality of your sprite. I still...
  13. Adnan

    The Spriter's Showcase!

    Now, would someone mind rating this? It is a fusion of Mewtwo (base), Celebi and Entei. I added Entei to it because it was supposed to be a fusion with 3 Pokemon which looked like the evolved form of a legendary. Mewtwo was the base, Entei was used for one wing and the tail and Celebi was...
  14. Adnan

    Barack Obama! The 44th President!!

    OBAMA = EPIC WIN! No seriously, Obama is awesome. Even though I live in NZ. If you are reading this Obama (which I doubt you ever will), gratz to you! .-:Collocus:-.
  15. Adnan

    The shop of epic fail =/

    Coming right up! Lineless Dialga:
  16. Adnan

    The shop of epic fail =/

    Okay. Coming right up. There's MewX's request. Hope you like it. I couldn't fit the bubbles in on the actual sprite so I had to do it on the aura.
  17. Adnan

    The shop of epic fail =/

    Re: The shop of epic phail =/ I'm sorry to say, but Slowpoke got screwed D= List: Sea Floor Gastly.
  18. Adnan

    Take and Add (Literacy)

  19. Adnan

    The shop of epic fail =/

    Well, hmm. I'm feeling bored. So I decided to start up a spriting shop on TCoD. Nothing big, it's just so I can do something =/ My sprite sheet! Remember, these are all super-old examples. Don't judge a book by its cover. Start requesting and please relieve me of my boredom =]
  20. Adnan

    :o Thanks for informing me. -fixes-

    :o Thanks for informing me. -fixes-
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