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  1. Nick

    Another Styleswitcher fail

    No, he said to strip the isset out.
  2. Nick

    Another Styleswitcher fail

    This code: if($_COOKIE['style']) { $no = 1; } Will completely negate the point of the styleswitcher. Translate the code to English: If the a cookie named style has a value, $no = 1.
  3. Nick

    My Page is Stretching

    I've given up on Internet Explorer 6. If you're using Internet Explorer 6, a pop-up will obstruct your view demanding that you upgrade (well it should).
  4. Nick

    My Page is Stretching

    Indeed. That's certainly a weird way of centering your layout. It _should_ be this: #container{ width: 98%; position: relative; margin: 0px auto; }
  5. Nick

    Another Styleswitcher fail

    No, you need the ini_set before the bracket.
  6. Nick

    Another Styleswitcher fail

    Put this at the top of your code, it should print any errors that the parser encounters: <?php ini_set('error_reporting', E_ALL); ?> Or, just add the ini_set('error_reporting', E_ALL); to the PHP code block that you've already got. Make sure it's at the top, though.
  7. Nick

    Do you, or would you, pay for hosting?

    I am more than happy (and able) to pay for hosting, however I don't need to as someone is willing to host me. However, if the situation was to change for whatever reason, I would just pay for my own host, instead of going out to find someone else to host me. With forums, I too, was...
  8. Nick


    It's working fine in Internet Explorer 7 under Windows Vista Ultimate.
  9. Nick

    MySQL tutorial suggestions

    MySQL is rather easy - I'd recommend Tizag.
  10. Nick

    And if it isn't you again...

    And if it isn't you again...
  11. Nick

    Favorite Language?

    I like Python too. Well, at least better than PHP.
  12. Nick

    Musical Noir

    How did you think of the name? It's rather interesting.
  13. Nick

    Okay, I added you. :D

    Okay, I added you. :D
  14. Nick

    Operating Systems

    Re: What OS do you use? Mac OS X, because it's awesome.
  15. Nick

    Very straightforth, eh?

    Very straightforth, eh?
  16. Nick

    Nintendo or Sony?

    I prefer Nintendo, because of the games (which I find much better than the games of any other console), however, the motion sensitive thing with the Wii can get quite annoying sometimes x3 My neighbour has a PS3, and it's really not that great, I mean, yes the graphics /are/ better, but does it...
  17. Nick

    My site

    Oh ok. I just guessed you did because of the Colour swapping tutorial you had >.>
  18. Nick

    My site

    Spriting techniques? Maybe making chaos (or whatever they're called (those things from sonic and people stick on Pokémon looks)), if you can make them?
  19. Nick

    My site

    More tutorials would be cool, I like your current one. ;D
  20. Nick

    My site

    Maybe, Forgotten, you're looking at this quick links bar, rather than his /very/ annoying button navigation thing, where you have to click the "Click here for Nav" button to actually see all the links to his content.
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