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  1. MintyMimix

    Frontier Town Sun Stone Saloon

    "Betel it is then!" Ghaspius trilled as he performed a flip in the air. "And for your information Missy, I wanted to go for somethin' they liked. Glad we got a nice lil' compromise worked out!" He stuck his tongue out towards Bellatrix. The Misdreavus cleared his throat as he quite literally...
  2. MintyMimix

    Frontier Town Sun Stone Saloon

    Ghaspius let out a pensive hum as he observed the proceedings. Shadowy Pokémon, a human supremacist group touting themselves as light, a Vanguard that doesn't trust them, a strange ball, and dissent within their own group. He gave a smile to Laura. At least one person wanted to keep things cool...
  3. MintyMimix

    Frontier Town Sun Stone Saloon

    When it came to crowds, Ghaspius wasn't one to pay much attention. The Misdreavus bounced along in all his floating vibes as he listened to Laura's announcement and the bits he could ascertain from the others. "Right, Nolan. So lemme first say that while we were looking for more deets on these...
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