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  1. Virgil134

    Frontier Town Founder's Square

    Rodion listened as Sonora explained, occasionally nodding along. "Sounds like it could be an interesting place. Definitely different than Frontier Town," he murmured. "And a monastery, huh? Will be sure to keep that in mind." The Buizel briefly looked in the same direction as Sonora to see...
  2. Virgil134

    Frontier Town Founder's Square

    "I've never sailed on a catamaran myself, but I know they exist outside of Anyilla," Rodion answered. "My crew has always sailed on a caravel, but we recently got a galleon as well." He tilted his head, giving Sonora a curious look. "Though what's exactly west of the mountains? Could you tell...
  3. Virgil134

    Frontier Town Founder's Square

    Rodion let out a small chuckle. "I guess you could say that. There's a reason why Rosequartz Town has managed to stay independent, despite there being two political powers that are more than willing to take it over." "And you're definitely right about there being different types of outlaws,"...
  4. Virgil134

    Frontier Town Founder's Square

    "Sounds stressful, visiting a festival not knowing if you're gonna have to fight your way out at any moment," Rodion murmured. "Must have taken most of the fun out of it." He took a bite of the honied jerky, before continuing on. "Back home I couldn't really visit other towns to celebrate...
  5. Virgil134

    Frontier Town Founder's Square

    "Yeah, that's definitely a downside of being a wanted 'mon," Rodion sighed. "Were you able to enjoy past Autumn Crossings with your gang at least?" Rodion followed Sonora's gaze, his eyes falling on the stand selling the honey-glazed jerky. Back home, he'd always been hesitant to eat meat. Sure...
  6. Virgil134

    Frontier Town Founder's Square
    Threadmarks: Ch02: A Rogues' Holiday (Rodion & Sonora)

    A warm smile formed on Rodion's face as he looked around the square. Today was Autumn Crossing, one of Forlas' holidays, so he'd opted to go check out the festivities with Sonora. The crowded square definitely had a different vibe than Rosequartz Town’s during its own more festive occasions, not...
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