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  1. Virgil134

    Frontier Town Mayoral Residence – Ground Floor

    Rodion panted as he looked around, taking a moment to catch his breath. They had really done it, huh? Not only had they taken everything from Ignatius' vault, but they even managed to beat down that corrupt mayor in his own home with enough evidence to put him behind bars. Serves him right...
  2. Virgil134

    Frontier Town Mayoral Residence – Ground Floor

    [[Might add flavor later, might not. Gotta focus on work now]]
  3. Virgil134

    Frontier Town Mayoral Residence – Ground Floor

    "Hey!" Rodion dashed into the room, stopping not too far from Sonora. He briefly glanced at Odette with a tilt of his head, before shaking his head and turning to Sonora with a small smirk. "Need a helping paw?" he asked. "We picked up some stuff upstairs I think will come in handy."
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