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  1. Paul Zook

    I AM MIROR B!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whose GameCube did you exit through, out of curiosity?
  2. Paul Zook

    If you were in charge of your country, what would you do?

    While I agree with some of Marioipod13's ideas in that pornography is damaging, I think she takes it too far liberally throwing death penalty around. However, the user who posted above: I think that's also too extreme claiming she is a member of the WBC--those guys are another level of bigots...
  3. Paul Zook

    What are you watching?

    I watched "The Blob" last night. I have no idea why this movie was rated R; it's tame compared to today's R movies.
  4. Paul Zook

    Would you like to have children?

    I actually have a grandson, I'm turning 65 later this year.
  5. Paul Zook

    Looking for music recommendations

    I like classic rock such as Bob Dylan, The Doors, and Queen, not to mention The Beatles and the King of Rock himself, Elvis Presley.
  6. Paul Zook

    Appreciate the Underapprectiated Pokémon

    My favorite Pokemon, Aggron, is very underappreciated.
  7. Paul Zook

    Which of these pretty ladies is your favorite?

    Jasmine is great, just I've never met her because I have never been to Johto.
  8. Paul Zook

    How do you build your casual teams?

    My favorite Hoenn/Gen3 team: Golem Rhydon Donphan Tyranitar Aggron Groudon
  9. Paul Zook

    What's Your Favorite Pokémon?

    My favorite Pokemon is Aggron! He's so strong and rugged like the mountains I hike.
  10. Paul Zook

    Who am I?

    I am Master Hiker Paul Zook from the Hoenn Region, but feel free to call me Hiker Paul. I love Pokemon a lot, been obsessed since my grandson got me into it. I have been to Hoenn and Unova.
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