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    Wacom Bamboo: Question

    Really? Good to know. Didn't know the default drivers would actually let it act like that.
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    I guess I'm back, then?

    I don't expect anybody remembers me, 'cause I never really posted all that much, but I was here up until about a year ago and vanished because my computer kind of died on me. To put it in simple terms, the part of the computer that lets it connect to the internet got screwed up somehow... not...
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    Wacom Bamboo: Question

    Yes, this thread is old, and I don't mean to be a the local forum necromancer or anything, but I think I might actually be able to help. In case you haven't got it figured out (Or in case somebody else is having this problem), I'll give this one a shot and see what I can do for you. If you have...
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    Behind the Avatar [SELF PICTURES GO HERE]

    Yes, yes it is. For the record, I've only ever played Dungeon Siege for five minutes. I won it playing UT2004, and I wear it as a trophy of my nerdiness.
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    Behind the Avatar [SELF PICTURES GO HERE]

    No, no you are not. Mine's not a very *large* beard, because very large beards often find themselves in my food (Or food finds itself in very large beards), but it is a beard nonetheless. Oh, and when it gets longer than it is in those pictures, I basically look like a hobo. I also look very...
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    Music tastes link to personality

    ROCK/HEAVY METAL - Low self-esteem, creative, not hard-working, not outgoing, gentle, at ease. Yeah, sounds about right. I'm not creative, but aside from that it's pretty much right on.
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    There's only one way I can think of to describe this... and really, one word is all I need in order to to say it. Awwww :'(
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    I'm finally done school!

    I forgot all about this topic. Anyway... I got my summer marks back. Here's the results: Calculus 110: 60% English 110: 74% Computer Science 110: 91%
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    As of Friday, I'll be gone. And as of Sunday, I'll be back again. Not that anybody's going to miss me, but I still figured I should post :P
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    I'm finally done school!

    I wrote my last final this morning and I'm finally free! For a week, that is. I have to go back on the 2nd. Regardless, I'm free! I don't know my final marks yet though... I'll post them here when I get them. Did I mention I'm free?
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    Post your voice.

    So I finally recorded my voice. It's in ogg format to save on the download size. Most things should be able to play it, but if you have trouble and really want to hear me, I'll record something in wav for you. But yeah... now you know what I sound like I guess. It's not perfect 'cause I'm...
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    What's your allowance?

    Being the resident old guy of the forums, I have to work for my money :( But back when I did get allowance, it started off as "If you want something, we'll buy it for you if you're being reasonable" and then switched to $20/week. When I got into high school, they also gave me $5/day for lunch...
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    FLICKxxOFF greets the forumites!

    Yeah. I use basically two forums. One is TCoD. The other... "Active users in the past 15 minutes: 1162" - Direct quote from the site at the time I wrote this. The peak today was 1282 so far. Those are actual, registered users too. Nobody knows anybody else, and the topics move really fast, so...
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    DeidaraGirl Is Back!

    I vremember you, although very vaguely... but I wasn't here that long before the wipe, so don't take it personally, ok :) Anyway, welcome back.
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    Sound isn't working

    Oh man... I hate that. Sometimes when I take my computer out of standby or hibernate, it doesn't detect my sound card. It's annoying as hell. Go to Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices (In Windows XP. It should be something similar in whatever you have), and if it shows up as "No...
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    Behind the Avatar [SELF PICTURES GO HERE]

    That would've been my first guess, but one can't be too sure with these sorts of things you know xD
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    Woah, hey. Again.

    Hey, it's Linksys! ...er... Linzys! I remember you! Yeah, we had a database wipe awhile back, so Butterfree had to make some new forums. That's where your username/password went. Anyways, welcome back.
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    What would you call your hypothetical children?

    My brother knew a couple of guys with the last name of Waffle. I'm not kidding - I even saw "Brandon Waffle" on a sign-up sheet for something once.
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    Behind the Avatar [SELF PICTURES GO HERE]

    As little sense as this probably makes, I'm quite proud of my geekiness :D And the only other forum I go to already hates Macs with a passion, although most of the users' arguments (For anything, actually, not just Macs) are limited to general trolling like "XFD MACS SUCK SHIT" and "SUCK IT...
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    Post your voice.

    I'd be willing to host a TeamSpeak server, if anybody's up for that. My friends want me to set one up for ourselves, and it wouldn't cost a whole lot more to upgrade to a larger server if you guys wanted to use it too. I mean, I could host it myself, but my internet sucks enough as it is without...
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