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  1. Keleri

    Frontier Town Sun Stone Saloon

    "Nope!" Tarahn said cheerfully. "I'm Tarahn, I used to be a Raigar and now I'm a Toxel. What's your name?" Tarahn's attention on Nova faltered as various conversations went back and forth, and finally the voice from when they first arrived mindspoke to him about Corey. Tarahn didn't think...
  2. Keleri

    Frontier Town Sun Stone Saloon

    Laura was happy to see him!!! Tarahn listened politely while she talked to everyone about different things that had been happening. He didn't really understand a lot of it, just that there had been "Shadow Pokemon" around that were powerful and dangerous, which sounded like ronin from back home...
  3. Keleri

    Frontier Town Sun Stone Saloon

    The Sun Stone was the kind of place where at least one person would frown and follow Tarahn around if he tried to come inside, but Archie had told him that there would be an interesting event there today. Lots of the pokemon he had seen on the very first day were here already, and he wanted to...
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