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  1. Lorem Ipsum

    Grade 8

    They take place within a six week window near the end of June and the beginning of July, IIRC. I took my exam on July 15th, but some were taken as early as June 18th. It varies for each area.
  2. Lorem Ipsum

    Grade 8

    Sonata in D Minor by Domenico Cimarosa; 3rd Mvt. of Sonata in C Minor (Op. 5 iirc) by Beethoven Alligator Crawl by Fats Waller Along with scales, arpeggios and the like.
  3. Lorem Ipsum

    Grade 8

    I passed (only a pass though, which I was slightly disappointed with)! Yay for Grade 8 piano - it's either Grade 8 organ or performance diploma now :D