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  1. Venged_Kitty

    Generation 0

    http://www.generation-0.com I'm not sure what else to say here, so I'll pretend that I'm posting a picture of a banana. Hopefully you can pretend that you see it.
  2. Venged_Kitty

    Games you really miss playing

    I miss MDK. I haven't played it in about 6 or 7 years. It was the first teen game I'd ever played:sad
  3. Venged_Kitty

    Your gear

    I usually use GIMP, sometimes Paint, and always iTunes :p
  4. Venged_Kitty

    Make your own SSb movesets

    Character: L (Death Note) Standard attack: A front kick Smash attacks: -A+Up: Hands go on the ground, and his feet fly up, giving the opponent a bicycle kick. -A+Side: You lay your hands and head on the ground, and donkey kick in the direction you chose. -A+Down:You lay on the ground, and do...
  5. Venged_Kitty

    Pokemon: Vanir

    I actually added the name rater building there. Not only did it take up some empty space, but it gives us the ability to change names early on :)
  6. Venged_Kitty

    Music tastes link to personality

    Most of that explains me :o
  7. Venged_Kitty

    Favorite Gym Leader?

    Clair, since she's a dragon trainer.
  8. Venged_Kitty


    Pokèland Working name :sweatdrop: Forums: http://z10.invisionfree.com/pokelandforums Comics: http://www.freewebs.com/pokemon-land/comic.html We are currently looking for guide writers, as well. So that staff position is currently open.
  9. Venged_Kitty

    How Tall Are You?

    When I went to the doctor a few weeks ago, I was 5.8 ft. Unless I've grown mega fast since then, I guess that'd be accurate.
  10. Venged_Kitty

    What are you wearing right now?

    At the moment, I have on some gray baggy jeans, teal boxers, and a Bam t-shirt.
  11. Venged_Kitty

    What's your allowance?

    I get none >.>
  12. Venged_Kitty

    Post your... pet!

    Clicky! That was taken about a year ago. I'll try to get some of my cats, which are far superior to my dogs :)
  13. Venged_Kitty

    Strange Dreams/Nightmares

    I can't remember any recent dreams, but about a year ago, I had a dream that I went to school in green pajama pants with Buckcherry printed all over. I don't really know why, though, because I don't even like it =/
  14. Venged_Kitty

    which shiny pokemon do you think looks the coolest?

    I love shiny charizard. Last summer, I spend a few days trying to breed a shiny charmander. I had a shiny ditto, so I used that with my charizard. When I looked online, I saw that shiny charizard looked more purple than black in Crystal, so I just stopped.
  15. Venged_Kitty

    R/B/Y Can Pikachu evolve?

    Ha, I thought that if you traded the Pikachu to another game, it would follow you in that game.
  16. Venged_Kitty

    Pokémon Scarlet Version

    Re: Pokémon Scarlet Version I managed to download it, but when I opened the game icon, it closed as soon as it opened. How can I fix this? I'm currently running Windows XP.
  17. Venged_Kitty

    Best Pokemon Game Ever

    Crystal. Easily. Why? First game to have animated Pokemon. First game to have a choice of gender. First game to have a battle tower. Only game to have a good battle tower. Two regions. Trainer's Pokemon go as high as level 81. It just owns. Hard.
  18. Venged_Kitty

    Which non-promotion legendaries are easiest/hardest to catch?

    Assuming chasing them wasn't included, and masterballs were outlawed, Mewtwo would be hardest. With chasing them included, Latios/Latias. It took me a few hours to catch Latios (or Latias?) on ruby.
  19. Venged_Kitty

    What is the most beautiful song to you?

    Either My Immortal by Evanescence or Broken by Seether (with Amy Lee; other version just sucks).
  20. Venged_Kitty

    Do you think you're attractive?

    When I don't have to go anywhere, and have messed up hair and glasses on: No What I'm going out and have straight hair and contacts in: Totally ^_^
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