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  1. Astro

    The Brown Fox jumped over the lazy dog.

    Some puppets shared a horny jellyfish
  2. Astro

    Sequels that need to be made

    Me too. It would still be nice to have a game a bit like Colosseum, since XD wasn't that good. (Well thats my opinion.) Anyway, the Kirby Airride i've mentioned millions of times before. It could handle like an F-Zero game but with the style of a kirby game. Plus it'd be perfect on wii, also...
  3. Astro

    Make a Fake (Pokemon)!

    My go: Name: Omnipod Type: Steel/Normal Ability: Arena Lock or Levitate Height: 0'9 Weight: Levitates or 5lbs Location: Following beldum Inspiration: A baby beldum Legendary?: No Gender Ratio: No gender Egg Group: Ground Evos/Prevos: Evolves into Beldum at level 10. Base Stats: HP: 10 Atk: 11...
  4. Astro

    You laugh you lose (aka POST ALL FUNNY STUFF HERE)

    Definitely his best video. Zero Punctuation- Mailbag Showdown (thanks to MG for getting me into it.)
  5. Astro

    The "Fwee" Thread

    I got Super Mario Galaxy today! Its amazing. I just took on Bowser Jnr.
  6. Astro


    Cool. Anyway, welcome to the forums BigFish.
  7. Astro

    What is Mightier?

    You forgot the smart-ass answer option.
  8. Astro

    The Spriter's Club Reborn

    Terry... No offense but I don't think we need to carry on this conversation, its clear what Terry thinks, theres no point trying really. My first splice. Crit?
  9. Astro

    Google your username.

    43,000,0000 I think Fredie wins.
  10. Astro

    This topic goes backwards

    Mew should be a playable character in SSB.
  11. Astro

    Requests Open DarkSmith's Sprite Manor 2009

    Re: DarkSmith's Sprite Manor Kabuto recoloured green and a gligar recoloured black (wings red.)
  12. Astro

    ITT: Iceland is adorable

    Wait a minute, shouldn't this be the other way around. Damn England sucks. We are bastards. Nice of them anyway.
  13. Astro

    The Spriter's Club Reborn

    Can I have a comment on the gastrodon sprites in my signature please? ~I'm a bad spriter, not in your class anyway~
  14. Astro


    Falcon Punch
  15. Astro

    G/S/C Murkrow can Talk

    Especially rocket grunts.
  16. Astro

    Obama's Inauguration

    Aww.. I missed it, his speech could've helped me in History. I can watch it on the Iplayer right?
  17. Astro

    Darkarmour's Genetic Monster Lab Art Shop.

    Umm.. Nice shop you got here, if you're taking requests I'd love a sheet of those drawings you were doing in class. They were awesome. Jesus was the best. Err. I vote for 4 but 2 is extremely cute but looks like a lizard. I'll get back to you on that. EDIT: Screw it, I'll go with 4.
  18. Astro

    The 750+ Posts Club

    thats what I lost mine from...*sniff* 8I
  19. Astro

    Rayman club

    The Raving Rabbids games are good but ITS.NOT.RAYMAN.
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