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  1. Espeonrules

    You laugh you lose (aka POST ALL FUNNY STUFF HERE)

    I lost terribly with "Boot to the Head" that was posted a few pages back. I'm not sure if this was posted yet, but here we are: Charlie the Unicorn I Charlie the Unicorn II Charlie the Unicorn III Ah, Charlie the Unicorn. If you haven't seen it before (I'm pretty sure most have at least...
  2. Espeonrules

    Character changes thread

    Silver's new character design gets a 'thumbs-up' from me. He definetly looks more like a not-so-nice rival, which he is. The only thing that kind of bothers me is his hair. Besides that, a good re-design. And ??? isn't really a default name. It's just what the game calls your rival temporarily...
  3. Espeonrules

    HeartGold And SoulSilver

    Yes, I know that's how it always works. I was just expressing the long wait fans have to deal with in other countries that get the latest products later than Japan. While we're all hyped up when the latest game comes in our area, fans in Japan are like, "Oh, that game's so old, it's been out for...
  4. Espeonrules

    HeartGold And SoulSilver

    Unfortunetly for us in the U.S (and in other areas I beleive), Japan gets them first. :( All I've heard is that the release date is sometime in 2010 for U.S and Europe.
  5. Espeonrules

    What's ironic or surprising in your Pokemon game?

    Recently in Platinum I was in the Distortion World and stupid me forgot that Giratina was in the Distortion World. So of course, I only had the limited amount of Pokeballs you find while traveling. It was too late to go back and get Dusk/Ultra Balls, not to mention time consuming, so I decided...
  6. Espeonrules

    What are you reading?

    Currently Reading: Pitch Black Author: Melody Carlson Status: Almost done with it; it's been a great book Synopsis: A 17 year-old girl named Morgan is so devastated by her best friend Jason's death she joins a suicide pact with two friends and nearly kills herself. She has a crappy life in...
  7. Espeonrules

    HeartGold And SoulSilver

    I expected them to keep Kanto in. If they didn't...well they'd have to come up with something to replace that half of the game, not to mention keep the same entertainment level that Kanto had. Or they could just forget that half of the game and shorten the main plot, but there was a slim chance...
  8. Espeonrules

    The GPX+ Fan Club

    Haven't posted here in ages~ Well, I recently hatched Vulpix, so all I have to do now is wait for a Fire Stone to evolve it. I've also evolved Ki the Riolu into a Lucario. I'm looking forward to the event next week. Maybe I'll get my very first Legendary :)
  9. Espeonrules

    The Platinum Status Thread

    ^ Are you having problems with levels or is it just because you're party doesn't have any move types super effective against his Pokemon? Cynthia will heal your Pokemon right after Cyrus so don't hold back. Anyway.....in the past few weeks I managed to beat the 7 Gym Leaders and I just beat...
  10. Espeonrules

    D/P/Pt I feel sorry for Paras/ect all of the sudden...

    Yeah. Let's look on the bright side here. Paras would have an advantage if it was raining and up against a Water type Pokemon like Marril.
  11. Espeonrules

    HeartGold And SoulSilver

    Love the new art; but I agree, shouldn't Kyogre be on Soul Silver and Groudon on Heart Gold? I'd think they would keep the original Water on Silver and Fire on Gold....
  12. Espeonrules

    The Unsolved Mysteries We Take for Granted

    Good question. Either the stuff you put in it magically shrinks when you put it inside the bag and expands as you take stuff out of it; or the bag expands to fit your needs in the inside, but looks like a normal bag from the outside.
  13. Espeonrules

    The Unsolved Mysteries We Take for Granted

    The only explantion I have is that Old Rods are really made out of steel and are just painted to look like old, tattered wood. As for the string, it's really made out of some tough material that isn't broken easily.
  14. Espeonrules

    D/P/Pt I feel sorry for Paras/ect all of the sudden...

    Interesting.....so it isn't part crab? I always thought it was sort of based off of that from the legs. As for the mushrooms, they also protect the Paras from predators by spreading toxic spores. So they aren't too bad.
  15. Espeonrules

    R/B/Y Oddly Learnt Moves

    ^ Yes. And many others.... :) Water types that can learn Electric moves scare me. Since they're Water types, doesn't that mean their bodies are full of water? Water's dangerous with electricity, so a water type like Lapras using Thunder....it would basically fry it from the inside....right?
  16. Espeonrules

    HeartGold And SoulSilver

    They better keep Bug Catching Contests. But maybe they could have different prizes? And Olivine is fine the way it is. I remember my favorite thing about Olivine was the lighthouse. Jasmine was like, the hardest Gym Leader ever. (I'm talking for the people who didn't start with Cyndaquil.)...
  17. Espeonrules

    Pokemon Memorial Thread

    My poor Lv. 96 Espeon. Oh how I miss you so. He was erased because of that stupid cloning glitch. The only way I have to remember him is a Lv. 72 copy. But since it's not the real one, I refrain from using him. Right now I'm raising another Espeon, and this one's female. But of course, she...
  18. Espeonrules

    D/P/Pt I feel sorry for Paras/ect all of the sudden...

    Unless that certain Luvdisc knows Ice Beam. We would have a problem there. But yes, it would probably kill it, since wild Luvdisc don't know Ice Beam.
  19. Espeonrules

    R/B/Y Oddly Learnt Moves

    Oh, okay. I forgot. Anyway, I thought this was supposed to be R/B/Y only? While we're on the subject of third gen. Pokemon, I wonder how any Poke besides Electric can learn attacks like Thunder? Seriously, where do they get their electricity from, the sky?
  20. Espeonrules

    D/P/Pt I feel sorry for Paras/ect all of the sudden...

    ^ It's just our opinion. Don't take it so harshly. As the title says, we're pitying Paras here, not discriminating it.
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