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  1. mamoswinevselectivire

    Did You Ever Want to Tell Something to a Character on Your Pokémon Games?

    Re: Did You Ever Want to Tell Something to a Character on Your Pokémon Games? i wanna tell the dude on fr\lg who says he doesnt remember losing that im gonna remind him by owning him again and hes a crackhead( also i hate the word owned)
  2. mamoswinevselectivire

    The Level Up Challenge

    5 hours with phione
  3. mamoswinevselectivire

    R/B/Y Oddly Learnt Moves

    snorlax learns quick attack
  4. mamoswinevselectivire

    Should Pikachu evolve into a Raichu already?

    maybe they make a totally new person whos stuck up or a bully
  5. mamoswinevselectivire

    Should Pikachu evolve into a Raichu already?

    they should have a vote where fans text yes or no to ########## and the start episode with ash either giving him the thunderstone or pikachu slapping it out of his hand
  6. mamoswinevselectivire

    Things that make no sence in Pokemon

    you guys arguing about animes are dumb asses because you should be talking about how kind people like team rocket got sucked into evil (by team rocket i mean jessie and james (maybe meowth))
  7. mamoswinevselectivire

    ash pa

    who is ash dad
  8. mamoswinevselectivire

    D/P/Pt Major League Problem - Advice Needed!

    give infernape grass knot and fire blast and make sure somebody knows ice beam or ice fang
  9. mamoswinevselectivire

    is this a good team for the elite 4 my cousin gave me most of them

    infernape:level 62 grass knot blast burn flame wheel rock climb hes mostly for the first to using flame wheel for bugs and grass knot for whole 2nd blast burn as a last resort pidgeot: level 54 defog fly mirror move air slash he is just for base support gabite:lv 26 sand tomb dragon rage...
  10. mamoswinevselectivire

    What do you want to see in the 5th gen?

    you should be a villain working your way up from grunt and i like that gym idea
  11. mamoswinevselectivire

    Ever "caught 'em all"?

    I have all in diamond except legendaries and starters from other regions
  12. mamoswinevselectivire

    heart gold and soul silver

    oh ok all check next time
  13. mamoswinevselectivire

    HeartGold And SoulSilver

    im getting cyndaquil and gold (I love ho-oh) but i think they should have a game where you are the villain
  14. mamoswinevselectivire

    heart gold and soul silver

    in pokemon heart gold and soul silver does your starter follow you after evolves also if you get another one (by trading) do they both follow you
  15. mamoswinevselectivire

    Hello! [/genericintroduction]

    cool man I just registerde to
  16. mamoswinevselectivire

    D/P/Pt I feel sorry for Paras/ect all of the sudden...

    paras could simply run like hell
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