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  1. MaxAR

    Favorite adjective/adjectives you like to be called?

    glorious (i'm self-indulging at the moment)
  2. MaxAR

    Clue Game Hints

    Ok, I'm stumped yet again; Clue 15. I have no idea how to go about solving this. Oh, here's the full clue by the way.
  3. MaxAR

    don't you hate it when all your tabs suddenly disappear

    don't you hate it when all your tabs suddenly disappear
  4. MaxAR

    Clue Game Hints

    Never mind, I figured it out. Sorry for any inconvenience. Unrelatedly, this is such a fun activity, looking around in the most obscure pockets of the Internet for answers.
  5. MaxAR

    Clue Game Hints

    I think this is a silly question to be stuck on, but I'm completely blanking on #12. Here is the prompt and hint. (I think it may be a CoD reference, but it also might just be general Pokemon knowledge.) clue 12: spooky... Looks like I'm leaving you in the dark for now. [Hint] Let there be light!
  6. MaxAR


  7. MaxAR


    This is what I got most recently on the What Pokemon Are You? test. At first, I was Alakazam, and months later I must've gotten into a depressive mood, and:
  8. MaxAR


    I have to introduce myself. So hi.
  9. MaxAR

    Pokemon sword and shield

    I think I'll go with Sobble because Sobble, judging by the trailer, is a lot like me. I also tend to like water-types the most. Some fans are questioning the existence of Kalos in Galar. I don't see much evidence behind it.
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