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  1. ClockworkJB

    Do animals have souls?

    Can animals create new concepts and ideas? Of course they can. Here are we humans as a living testament to the higher order thinking of mammals. It's not such a stretch to say that the cognitive similarities in dolphins, apes and other such higher order mammals imply that they can too. As for...
  2. ClockworkJB

    Shifting Sands: First Glimpse

    Bryan immediately moved for a seat as far to the rear of the bus as possible. Settling into the window seat, he pulled a battered, purple Game Boy form his pack and immediately became oblivious to the outside world.
  3. ClockworkJB

    Shifting Sands: First Glimpse

    Failing to supress a snort at the young man with the Gliscor's blatant showboating, Bryan instead burying his head in his leaflet, his grin hidden by the brim of his hat. Saguaro's invitation for introductions seemed like as good an excuse as any to break the ice, though he noted a hint of...
  4. ClockworkJB

    Shifting Sands: First Glimpse

    Unaware of the exact time, but certain that he was a going to be late, Bryan had taken the short way to the Biochem wing. Still, he was in no hurry to arrive before any of the other students, his pace slow and measured. A tall, thin boy, he had to duck beneath some of the lower branches that...
  5. ClockworkJB

    [CLOSED][OOC/Signup] Shifting Sands: First Glimpse

    Re: [OOC/Signup] Shifting Sands: First Glimpse Name: Bryan Snow Age: 18 College Major: EngLit Quick Biography: Born in Saffron City, Bryan was forced to move to Mauville and the Hoenn region at age 15, when his mother earned a full-time teaching position at a nearby high school. An...
  6. ClockworkJB

    Colors Revival! JB's Ambition!

    Not sure what happened to my old thread, but I've got a new piece anyway. Made using Colors! for DS. Hopefully I'll get around to posting more as inspiration allows. Requests are most welcome.
  7. ClockworkJB

    Current Breeding Projects

    Same for my Lapras, 60 or more eggs later from a Jap Snorlax and still no purple one. Took only about 20 for my shiny Starmie though.
  8. ClockworkJB

    Contests, or Pokeathlon?

    The pokeathlon, most definitely. It's simple and fun, perfect for playing against my younger relatives, or just to challenge my own high scores. The prizes are also great, especially considering how scarce elemental stones are in HGSS.
  9. ClockworkJB

    Doctor Who; Series 5 discussion

    Gotta love the pervasive Star Wars influence. Vertical Wipe transitions. Check. Cool Hyperspace effect. Check. Space spitfires. Check. Giant space alien mouth. Check. Moffat must be a massive fan.
  10. ClockworkJB

    Current Breeding Projects

    What are you currently breeding for? What sort of things do you normally breed for? competitive IV sets and matched natures and abilities? Shininess? Interesting movesets? At the moment, I'm breeding for a new Starmie with better satk for my Battle Tower Team, a shiny Lapras, and for a Venusaur...
  11. ClockworkJB

    Digimon Season 6 Announced!

    So long as it isn't all JoJo's Bizzare Adventure like Savers, with the manly speeches and and the punching of Digimon, then I'm up for it.
  12. ClockworkJB


    Would definitely love to participate in tournaments, League battles, etc. The only reason I haven't in the past is because it seemed quite dead when I arrived. Apparently lack of activity is a self-perpetuating state.
  13. ClockworkJB

    D/P/Pt Platinum Battle Tower Team

    Starmie is definitely the go to for Battle Tower. Fantastic coverage and with that spread I doubt there would be too many pokemon in the tower that wouldn't be 2HKOd with the super effective hit. I ran Rapid Spin on one. for a while, before realizing that the AI is too stupid to lay down hazards.
  14. ClockworkJB

    R/S/E Is cloning in Emerald cheating?

    The real issue here doesn't seem to be the cloning glitch at all, or even the game it originates from. Rather, the issue for most seems to be its implications for trading, online or otherwise. Well let's step back a moment and look at the worst offenders here. The GTS is an inherently flawed...
  15. ClockworkJB

    [Wanted] Japanese Pokemon.

    Can do, on both counts. Also, turns out the Extreme speed Dratini I got was male, so I can breed one of those as well if you'd like. IM/PM me if you'd like to trade, I don't particularly mind what you send in return, seeing as it isn't really like it's going to cost me anything.
  16. ClockworkJB

    [Wanted] Japanese Pokemon.

    Seeing as I went and bought a Japanese Soul Silver cart, I can breed you practically any JP Poke you like, assuming it's on one of my 4th gen carts. I'm also willing to part with my JP Lugia. I'm looking for a Kyogre, Cyndaquil or Mudkip. Any other kind of foreign language Poke would be cool...
  17. ClockworkJB

    New game! New game!

    Could well fault the timing on this one though - announcing a possible 5th gen before HGSS is released in the west could hurt them a little bit. Probably won't have any noticible repercussions though. Still can't wait for March and HGSS.
  18. ClockworkJB

    School: The Rambling

    Unfortunately, high school in my state is mostly fairly lame and in almost no way prepares students for university, especially if they're stuck in a public school. Subject choice is woeful and the course material is laughable, you can get a B equivalent in English without a basic understanding...
  19. ClockworkJB

    Gym Leaders

    Whitney is awesome solely because of this image.
  20. ClockworkJB

    Why do You Write?

    Thanks in most part to early printing, and now, the internet, there's a great big mess of human noise out there. Writing is my may of adding to that noise in a brief, yet somewhat more permanent way than simply making a sound. Also it's something to do at 3am when the caffeine is running low...
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