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  1. DonKarasuMan

    Where do you eat? How often?

    HK-style tea lounges, mostly if I'm eating out.
  2. DonKarasuMan

    NaNoWriMo 2009

    http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/node/3320904 Awesome tool in case no one knows about it. 26 505 words so far.
  3. DonKarasuMan

    NaNoWriMo 2009

    Eh, a few hundred shy of halfway. Writing's never felt so much like a guilty pleasure...and I still can't get over 'quantity > quality'.
  4. DonKarasuMan

    Hayao Miyazaki's movies

    I've seen and do own the Chinese versions (with Japanese as an option, but not English) all the movies, except for 'The Cat Returns'. I'll say my favourites would be 'Princess Mononoke' and 'Pom Poko'. I'll place 'Only Yesterday' and 'Ponyo' high on my list, as well as 'Spirited Away' and...
  5. DonKarasuMan

    Rate the Random Thing Above

    9.45/10 Sucrose.
  6. DonKarasuMan

    The Most Hated Pokemon Ever

    No one ever does like Mr. Mime.
  7. DonKarasuMan

    A Catalogue of Willful Human Ignorance

    ...and the plastic comes out just the way it was before. Scary how the stomach contents literally beecomes the 'remains' of the albatross chick - moreso than the bones. Even in one of the photographs, there's so little skeleton left.
  8. DonKarasuMan

    Errr.. the letter D

    D > L
  9. DonKarasuMan

    Life after Death?

    Pretty much. It won't matter though because you won't feel it :] I believe in reincarnation (but only out of the spite that I really am not fond of a complete annihilation of consciousness), which...isn't very Christian, is it? In comparison, though, immortality in heaven sounds even more...
  10. DonKarasuMan

    Favorite Video Game Series

    Pokemon probably; it's done a very good job at keeping fans. Spyro until Insomniac sold its rights to someones else. Ratchet & Clank until after the third game. Final Fantasy, briefly, but I can't say I love it as a series rather than individual games. Castlevania...I haven't stopped liking...
  11. DonKarasuMan

    Are planets living organisms?

    Well there's also sunlight; without it, there'd be nothing remotely life-y about the Earth.
  12. DonKarasuMan

    Are planets living organisms?

    Not all of them are, but the Earth, as it is right now, can be classified as a superorganism - arguably.
  13. DonKarasuMan

    The LGBT Club

    Speaking of which, am I the only one who isn't open about it all? I don't plan on revealing anytime soon, or, preferably, ever, since it has to go through a lot of strategic planning and I have to avoid rash decisions when the urge comes to shout it all out. It's frustrating really, but I live...
  14. DonKarasuMan

    Favorite Quotes

    Re: Best In-Game Quotes Too bad the letters wouldn't be that wide, so 'shattered' won't be hyphenated :<
  15. DonKarasuMan

    The LGBT Club

    I know two guys who are 'openly' bisexual and a schoolmate I get along with quite well is gay. That's about all I know, sadly >:
  16. DonKarasuMan

    The LGBT Club

    Taken literally, homosexuality is somewhat taboo in my school; pretty much anyone who isn't androgynous is assumed to be heterosexual. Someone once made a thread on the subject in my school intranet forum, admitting himself to be bisexual, and although there were those (homophobics) who...
  17. DonKarasuMan

    One-Shot Day [PG:14+]

    For the curious ficworm. Inspired by "The Day of the Triffids" by John Wyndham. Day “It may drop out of the sky suddenly. If attacked, it will violently shake its poisonous leaves.” “It lives by drinking only droplets of blood from dying or decaying corpses. It is said that it eats...
  18. DonKarasuMan

    Rate the Avatar Above You~

    9.89/10 Oh my 8]
  19. DonKarasuMan

    One-Shot Untitled (or: I write weird things)

    Tense change mid-sentence. The whole tense changing was a bit awkward in itself, and I'm not quite sure if it was necessary or not. There's a lot of intrigue in this, and most of this comes from a unique way of violating the syntax. It could've been more effective if this was more liberally...
  20. DonKarasuMan

    Favorite Sprite

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