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  1. November11

    TCoD WSC: Week 7

    ah, so I could use the froslass? it wasn't very good.. scratching isn't my forte but i guessed i could hide it behind RBG-deformed-ness :v' would I be allowed to change my entry? seeing as it is better than the quick drifblim recolour.. then again, it's what I spent more time on. oh dear I...
  2. November11

    TCoD WSC: Week 7

    xD god i fail so much. that's twice now.. must be on a roll or something. let me just edit my post c:
  3. November11

    TCoD WSC: Week 7

    whoops, totally misread the first post the first time round xD got distracted by the "scratch" bit and made a RB-style froslass.. hur. -silly bean- ah well, killed an afternoon. done it properly properly now.. really ;; drifblim.
  4. November11

    Industrial Music

    alas, of my music [aside from the obligitory couple of rammstein tracks] the closest thing I have would be Deathstars.. fear my lack of genre knowledge: apparently they're industrial metal. so I'll stick with that. I do rather love them so I should probably have a poke round some other...
  5. November11

    TCoD WSC: Week 6

    ^that's just adorable ;__; ground-type mix. [onix & donphan & flygon & wooper] not fantastic, but it was fun to make :D
  6. November11


    brown bread, if you would be so kind. Lightly toasted. With jam. ..That's about it, really.
  7. November11

    How many Shiny Pokemon do you have?

    I never got the hang of chaining.. One day, perhaps. The only shiny I've ever encountered in-game, aside from the red gyarados, is a shiny scizor in Crystal. elaboration: this was on a day when I was bored and playing around with a game cheating.. thing.. so trying to make a living...
  8. November11

    please consider this an inventive intro topic title

    Ah, I'm looking forward to nanowrimo this year also :v last year I managed to finish it in time.. though the story was only about halfway through. So I'll try to complete that this year.. though the style will be totally different. ah well. [huzzah for new people :D] & ta very much o...
  9. November11

    TCoD WSC: Week 5

    Re: TCoD Week 5 had a go.. my scratch spriting skills aren't exactly up to par but tried to keep it in the game style.. and hey, may as well try :v yanma evo.. started off by being the bug/dragon evo that yanmega should have been, and then it turned into some sort of.. thing :c
  10. November11

    R/B/Y Oddly Learnt Moves

    the old "doduo and dodrio learn Fly" thing always struck me as being a tad odd.. particularly in RB when charizard couldn't.. same with the zubat line until Gen IV. Diglett with Body Slam, particularly looking at the move description.. not sure how much damage that would do. ah, Mimic/Mirror...
  11. November11

    Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

    Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon? .. I was never too fond of smilies because most of them just look odd :v and two of my favourites [shedinja & froslass] didn't even have the common courtesy to have different colours at all. so the only shinies I'm ever after, really, are yanmega...
  12. November11

    What is your favourite single Pokemon ever

    Shedinja <3 Ah, how can I not love it? :c It's so crunchy. And has poké balls for eyes. And I love how the skin on its back is made to look like wings. And the halo is so ridiculously cheesy that it's wonderful. Shedinja is bizarre.. it doesn't move or breathe.. it has 1HP and that weird...
  13. November11

    Favourite Bands/Artists?

    I don't know.. my favourites often seem to change, really o.o still, somewhere on the list would be david bowie, system of a down, deathstars, kaiser chiefs, less than jake, the dresden dolls, maximum the hormone. and.. and I forget any others. the fratellis would certainly be on there if...
  14. November11

    The shows that should be brought back and/or re-created.

    I'm still waiting for the day that they decide to bring back the Crystal Maze.. don't know what Richard o'brien's doing at the moment, but I do prefer him to Ed.. er.. the other one :c I used to always watch that show. ah, what are the chances they would remake it..? still, while I'm...
  15. November11

    please consider this an inventive intro topic title

    and here I was thinking I'd been welcomed twice as much. ta muchly c: still lurking rather than posting, but hey.
  16. November11

    please consider this an inventive intro topic title

    snappy titles are not my forte :c Ah, yes. I'm new here [surprise].. registered on a whim, really. Name is Mark.. from jolly olde england. favourite pokémon are shedinja, froslass & nidorino. A fan of bug types in general. Red & Blue are my favourite pokémon games. I sprite occasionally...
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