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  1. Sylph

    Coloursfall vs. Sylph

    Shit shit shit sorry sorry was at work all day Well buddy, looks like they are going all-out. So lets follow suit as well. Me First for the Draco Meteor, then I want you to think of the nastiest thoughts you can, really get mad, and attack with Frustration. Throw everything you can against that...
  2. Sylph

    Grand Carnival: Renewal

    The Ring Master frowns as the crowd moved to not follow the act, sparing the performers from killing one another. Tapping his cane on the floor, drawing the attention of the crowd to him. "Seems we have come to an end. Unfortunately no one could make a choice and left things hanging. Let's...
  3. Sylph

    I guess....close the battle. There isn't much else to do now.

    I guess....close the battle. There isn't much else to do now.
  4. Sylph

    Song Choice Mafia 8 - Revival

    I'll link my song once home. Demons - Imagine Dragons Song and Lyrics
  5. Sylph

    Grand Carnival: Renewal

    The lights return upon the captives in the tent, revealing all that may have transpired in the dark. One by one the performers count each other until it was clear that they were all here. Stepping from the group, the Ring Master takes the center ring and tips his hat down low. "Well well my...
  6. Sylph

    Grand Carnival: Renewal

    The lights beat down on the endless act in the rings, the crowd letting out whoops and cheers as the clowns chase one another around. Gasps ring in the tent as the lion tamer attempts to stick their head into the maw of the savage beast, trapeze running through their routine overhead to draw the...
  7. Sylph

    Grand Carnival: Renewal

    Alright that's about it now. I will be starting the mafia right quick. Thank you for all joining I hope you will enjoy the show!
  8. Sylph

    Grand Carnival: Renewal

    Side show is an alien and I always place them in the innocent camp until they are activated
  9. Sylph

    Grand Carnival: Renewal

    It had been four years since the Carnival had harvested it's newest members for the troupe. Four years of endless training and shows, watching performer after performer be slaughtered when unable to uphold the standards of the Ring Master. Now the show had returned to where the performers once...
  10. Sylph

    [cancelled] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

    Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity Name: Halan Storm Age: 40 (I can't pick ages man blarg) Gender: Male Species: Lucario Personality: He comes off as cold, silent in presence of other pokemon as he goes about his business. He is part of the Empire from the start, believing in the...
  11. Sylph

    [15] Sylph vs Keldeo (ref: The Omskivar)

    Alright then, lets start this off again Belle. Now that little lizard there must be feeling very good about themselves. Lets make them feel a little more hot-headed with a Swagger. Follow this with Magical Leaf to finish that substitute off, then blast them with Moonblast to give them a taste...
  12. Sylph

    [15] Sylph vs Keldeo (ref: The Omskivar)

    Sorry sorry was helping a friend move. Okay lets try this again. So I have a flower faerie? Very well then, lets hit it Belle. First thing's first, since they re taking the time to make a doll of themselves, why not make one yourself? Substitute (15%), followed up by Safeguard to help stave off...
  13. Sylph

    wrong pokemon really? okay I'll do what I can thanks for the tip

    wrong pokemon really? okay I'll do what I can thanks for the tip
  14. Sylph

    thanks for the heads up

    thanks for the heads up
  15. Sylph

    [15] Sylph vs Keldeo (ref: The Omskivar)

    Alright Helioptile, I'm going to call you Indie. Indie, start with a Sandstorm so you can get some cover for this match. Since you have that nice veil, you will feel right at home in the sand while that little flower pixie is grounded. After which, I want you to Dig to avoid that Webbing if you...
  16. Sylph

    Bluberry Bat and Sylph vs Coloursfall and Sunflower

    Takumi, time to get to work. First I want you to use the Safeguard move you mimic'd. Follow then by swimming down to where its colder to try and sooth those burns some. Once down there though, I want you to whip up a Whirlpool to trap your opponents. If you are unable to use whirlpool for any...
  17. Sylph

    allitersonance vs Sylph

    Alright, time to go! I use Riza and Chaos. Let the rebellion begin you two. Riza, I want you to focus on Igglybuff there for now. Summon up a Toxic to give that faerie something to worry about, then follow up with Steel Wing to make it hurt further then follow with another Steel Wing. If you...
  18. Sylph

    Birthday Centre

    Thank you everyone!
  19. Sylph

    Challenge Board

    You're on! Bam
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