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  1. wyoming789

    What do you want to see in the 5th gen?

    Totally a vampire pokemon. HUMAN-like vampire. I will call him edward. He will sparkle and be with me always.
  2. wyoming789

    Black & White

    Yeah I heard that. I'm glad there's no geodude. But what if Gigaiasu is the new geodude. That'll make caves or whatever hard to train in.
  3. wyoming789

    Continued Lyric

    When its cold outside... (I think you killed this thread)
  4. wyoming789

    Beat the Picture Above

  5. wyoming789

    hurt 'n' heal

    Re: hurt 'n' heal, bitches. [185Blaine [70]Blue Hurt blue, heal blaine
  6. wyoming789

    the anagram game

    God! Uni-brow! Claker TV, he-fox jpg! The mezz! Loydy! Living it up at the hotel California!
  7. wyoming789

    hurt 'n' heal

    Re: hurt 'n' heal, bitches. [185]Blaine [20]Lance [85]Blue Hold on, Psymon was ninja'd. Lance should be 10 lower, Hurt Blue, Heal Blaine.
  8. wyoming789


    Well, I'm sure you've seen quite a lot of TCoD. Anyways, nice to meet you. So, uhh, yeah. This turned into quite a fiasco here.
  9. wyoming789

    Beat the Picture Above

  10. wyoming789

    hurt 'n' heal

    Re: hurt 'n' heal, bitches. [165] Blaine [45] Lance [120] Blue Hurt Lance heal Blaine.
  11. wyoming789

    You Know You Fail at (insert game here) When...

    You know you fail at earthbound when you cant stop laughing at Poo. You know you fail at Pokemon when you are mad because you cant find a shiny in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. You know you fail at Spyro when you quit at Tree Tops.
  12. wyoming789

    What Pokemon would you, realistically, have?

    Ok, well I have three cats, so I guess Persian, level 33, Purugly, level 35, and Flareon level 20. I live around Lancaster, so Miltank probably around level 20 and Pachirisu because there are sooo many squirells, maybe level 15. Also, maybe a Swellow, because of the Swallows. Maybe level 25...
  13. wyoming789

    HG/SS Stupidest Movesets ever?

    My little brother is full of these bad ones. For example, he'll have Spark and Thunder Fang both on a Luxray, or Surf and Bubble Beam on an Empoleon.
  14. wyoming789

    hurt 'n' heal

    Re: hurt 'n' heal, bitches. [175]Blaine [60]Lance [120]Blue Heal Blaine, Hurt Lance.
  15. wyoming789

    hurt 'n' heal

    Re: hurt 'n' heal, bitches. [165]Blaine [80]Lance [120]Blue Heal Blaine, Hurt Lance
  16. wyoming789

    No more Brock!

    But if Brock leaves, then who will buy the potions and junk? Without Takeshi, the show is boring. Now I want to listen to Brock's Paradise again...
  17. wyoming789

    This picture delivers.

    I like how Electivire and Magmortar are like arm in arm! Awesome.
  18. wyoming789

    "Lol Limewire" on Google

    I thought it was from one-piece. Thats funny though.
  19. wyoming789

    Awesome Single Serving Sites!

    Defiant Dog Not exactly single serving, but its useful. Zombocom I forget what movie its from, but its funny. Oh, here's a, uhh, documentery on single serving sites.
  20. wyoming789

    Scenes from a Hat

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