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  1. Umbramatic

    The Multiverse Bucket

    This was an isolated scenario involving my favorite OC Vaespar,that wouldn't leave my head and is meant to illustrate the....... creative ways he'll use his ability to devour people.There's not much to it and it's highly self-indulgent but I'm unleashing it on the world anyway. So here you go...
  2. Umbramatic

    The Multiverse Bucket

    This is a drabble (set in my "Iggyverse" high fantasy project) I wrote for a class, but requires a bit of context, namely that long ago ancient, powerful beings created the “mortal” species of the world and this is an insight into their creation process. It’s heavily modeled after threads on a...
  3. Umbramatic

    The Multiverse Bucket

    Heyo! This is my Multiverse Bucket, a place for my original fiction drabbles,new and old.Hopefully you enjoy these bite-sized tales. As for the first one... This was one of the drabbles I wrote for a drabble lesson in a creative writing class. I've refurbished it a little to be up to my...
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