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  1. ProgMetal_64


    Yes. Creatures of the rainbow variety are nice. I have a rainbow Muk lying around somewhere, if you want me to go find it. Anyways-Welcome to our fine establishment, Cee. Would you like some coffee and salmon? Tea and cod? Pepsi and shrimp? Gatorade and a sardine? I also advise you to wipe...
  2. ProgMetal_64

    so, that kapton jack.

    Welcome! Please wipe your your feet before entering (since you are armed with a foam sword, you have it much easier than the others. I can't tell you how many people we have lost to those evil mats). Would you like some coffee and salmon? Tea and cod? Pepsi and shrimp? Gatorade and tuna?
  3. ProgMetal_64


    As far as you know. I almost got my foot chewed up by a mat yesterday. Anyways...I welcome you, Platinum, to our fine facility known as TCoD. Since our river is polluted and we are out of tea, all we have left is coffee and some rotten shrimp. Would you like some? Also, please remember to...
  4. ProgMetal_64

    I am back.

    I didn't say I would never be on...I just won't be on very much (September is kind of an in-between month, I can squeeze in forum time here and there--but when October hits I'll basically be gone). Today I have been working on AP homework for the past 6 hours, and I took a break because if I...
  5. ProgMetal_64

    I love you.

    Welcome, [O]! Please take this complimentary coffee and salmon, it is of the highest quality! And please wipe your feet before entering. Just be careful which mat you use...I remember one time when this mat ate someone's--you know what, never mind. Just enjoy your stay.
  6. ProgMetal_64

    Pokemon Chronicles 2- Victory (Sign-Up/OOC)

    Might as well post the form for Zero again just because that's what everyone else is doing (plus I have a little bit to add): >Name: Zero >Gender: Male >Age: 18 >Species: Human >Personality: A hardened fighter, Zero will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Originally, he was a hateful guy...
  7. ProgMetal_64

    Pokemon Chronicles 2- Victory (Sign-Up/OOC)

    Can I just sign up as Zero again? If I need to post my form again just say so. Currently, Zero is no longer aligned with TMS (he hasn't totally severed the tie yet but he will before the first RP ends). I may sign up for a second person (a TMS agent of course, because in the last RP I was the...
  8. ProgMetal_64

    Pokemon Chronicles 1- Unite

    ((Damn.....you guys are moving to the climax at the point at which I can't post too often. Oh well. Considering how slow the RP has been moving lately, though, I just may be able to keep up. We'll see. Since I'm here...)) Zero arrived at the ruins of Mt. Coronet. Only he didn't see any piles of...
  9. ProgMetal_64

    Greetings Fellow Members.

    Salutations, fellow Californian! Are you northern or southern? Anyway, I also enjoy spriting, and I am resident carrier of coffee and salmon. Not to mention, I am also a fellow band geek! (go drumline!) So yeah, enjoy your stay! I don't usually post much at this time (my life is going full...
  10. ProgMetal_64

    Beat the Picture Above

    They'll fix your window!
  11. ProgMetal_64

    Rate the Avatar Above You~

    6/10. Shiny Gallade :D. But other than that, nothing special.
  12. ProgMetal_64

    Pokemon Chronicles 1- Unite

    ((I won't be able to post often enough to keep up with you guys for a while due to school starting and my life outside of school going full swing...so I'm going to go ahead and remove myself from the action now. I'll just be missing, I won't be dead anytime soon.)) Zero was furious. "JESS! Come...
  13. ProgMetal_64


    Hey, If anyone's gonna be telling anyone to wipe their feet, it's gonna be ME And I am also a resident carrier of coffee and salmon (as well as other combinations), but that is my specialty. So....uh...yeah....enjoy your stay! I probably won't be posting again for awhile, so enjoy this moment!
  14. ProgMetal_64

    Beat the Picture Above

  15. ProgMetal_64

    Google Image the user above you

    I did indeed make that image and the quiz associated with it (granted, out of nothing but boredom). Anyway:
  16. ProgMetal_64

    [Generic Birthday Thread Title]

    It's in ASCII cake, you can do what you want with it.
  17. ProgMetal_64

    [Generic Birthday Thread Title]

    Happy Birthday! You can't have a party without cake, and look! I brought some: _||_ |___| |____| |_____| |______| |_______|
  18. ProgMetal_64

    Google Image the user above you

    And you were expecting a Charizard...
  19. ProgMetal_64

    hi im lapine

    Ohai new person! Would you like some coffee and salmon? (because we have WAY too much tea and cod around here.) Also, beware the carnivorous welcome mats. They are extremely dangerous. But just remember, if the mat doesn't say "welcome" on it, then it is perfectly safe. Anyway, enjoy your...
  20. ProgMetal_64

    Google Image the user above you

    All the other images were boring...
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