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    Swampert forum

    Obviously no one wants to join your forum. It's not finished, not appealing, nothing. So read the thread Furret gave you, redo the ENTIRE forum, and we'll be happy.
  2. 87

    Swampert forum

    This. Thank you CNiall.
  3. 87

    Swampert forum

    Then site is still really bad. Read the thread AK showed you and start over.
  4. 87

    How much money do you have?

    100,000 COL pesos
  5. 87

    Mew,Mew!The pink kitty legend!

    You're not last time i checked. what's the point of having two in the first place?
  6. 87

    I was Mr. Game and Watch

    I was Mr. Game and Watch
  7. 87

    I remember you. You're cool.

    I remember you. You're cool.
  8. 87

    randomness is not funny

    lol And hello. You seem very nice
  9. 87

    Names for Gold and Silver Remakes

    Pokemon Gold and Silver. such a perfect game, other names would mess it up imo
  10. 87

    ITP: Swearing and Insults in Other Languages

    actually this has 2 means the other meaning being like "someone very intelligent" the english language has some odd swears the first time i heard the word "cunt" was in the tcod like yesterday
  11. 87

    What do you think of fellow forumgoers

    Tiggy's cool BTW i was Mr. Game and Watch
  12. 87

    What do you think of fellow forumgoers

    Falthor seems cool as does Walker and surskitty
  13. 87

    OMG! I passed!

    okay no need to brag about it wtf we get it your tall
  14. 87

    What do you think of fellow forumgoers

    lulz agred wit berne :3 but in all seriousness i dont use punctuation;;; but am i new?
  15. 87

    What do you think of fellow forumgoers

    What! What! Absurd! AK is pretty cool,,, i've learned not to fuck around with him as he usually wins
  16. 87

    Pokemonspriters sprite shop :D

    surprise me
  17. 87


  18. 87

    i was Mr. Game and Watch

    i was Mr. Game and Watch
  19. 87

    Rap Music

    so why didn't you state that in the post instead of making yourself look like an ass?
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