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  1. KMew

    New Moon Pokemon Mafia~ Sign Up!

    I'll take the ability Light Metal with a Brave nature.
  2. KMew

    Quick Mafia (Day One)

    I'm just posting to let everyone know I'm here, I really don't know what to say. Do we have enough information to lynch?
  3. KMew

    Fond (or Not So Fond) Memories of TCoD

    Lots of memories here, mostly from when I was retarded because a majority of my time here was when I was like ~12 and under. Anyway! I remember I got an infraction and it was the end of the world, rep (and the constant whining - pretty sure I bitched about it too, though, haha), hahaha oh god...
  4. KMew


    Audino = <3 I'm really anal about all of my Pokemon being the same level, so I always would abuse them to level balance... Heheh.
  5. KMew

    Some normal mafia game nothing wrong here

    Re: Some normal mafia game This'll be my first mafia game in forever, haha. I'm in :3
  6. KMew

    Pokémon Black and White

    Re: Pokémon Black and White These games are everything I've wanted... and more. I'm really glad they didn't make the post-game ridiculously easy, too.
  7. KMew

    I'm ... Back?

    So, yeah. I used to come here a lot and then I stopped. But the other day, I was thinking about Mafia... so I started creeping. And then I decided to log back in. Uh. Hi, I guess.
  8. KMew

    R/S/E Ruby/Sapphire Remake?

    I was thinking the other day how we got a Red/Blue remake in Gen III, and now in Gen IV we got a Gold/Silver remake. Does anyone else think there might be a R/S remake in Gen V to follow the pattern?
  9. KMew

    The Kanto Creation: Blaziking's new sprite comic

    These are great! XD
  10. KMew

    The HeartGold/SoulSilver Status Thread

    I don't remember when the last time I posted here was, but I'm going to update now. :D Well, for about a month on and off I looked for a lucky egg. I skipped through most of Kanto to get to the route right next to Fuschia. Then I taught my Crobat Thief, and caught a Chansey and gave it a Smoke...
  11. KMew


  12. KMew

    The HeartGold/SoulSilver Status Thread

    Yeah, I kinda forgot that you don't surf straight to the Elite 4... Heheh. Thanks though!
  13. KMew

    The HeartGold/SoulSilver Status Thread

    Perish Song officially wins the award as my favorite move<3 Currently I'm standing outside Lugia's room, I'm gonna catch it then go level up. Speaking of, what's a good place to train Pokemon around level 35?
  14. KMew

    Contests, or Pokeathlon?

    i liked the r/s/e contests the most, just because they were simpler and didn't involve dancing x_x Plus, I had a Level 100 Pelliper that I used strictly for contest purposes... it was awesome.
  15. KMew

    The HeartGold/SoulSilver Status Thread

    Shiny Girafarig :D Aside from a shiny Raticate on my gold when I was around six (which I ran from and cried because I thought I broke the game), it's the only shiny I've seen. I'm not gonna use it, cause I don't like it :P Aside from that, I just beat Claire and caught a Dratini. Perish Song +...
  16. KMew

    The HeartGold/SoulSilver Status Thread

    I just beat the game (well, got all 16 badges, I'm too lazy to train for Red) with an annoying team, so I decided to restart. I'm currently in Cianwood trying to level up my Pokemon, since most of them are around 25 right now. Soul silver for the win :D
  17. KMew

    Level Up Your Adoptables

    blah blah blah you know the deal.
  18. KMew

    Level Up Your Adoptables

    Okay, clicked them all again. click the egg especially, it's got 10 hrs left before it dies. D:
  19. KMew

    Level Up Your Adoptables

  20. KMew

    Level Up Your Adoptables

    Clicked all the crap in posts ~~ These are my clickemups :D
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