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    If the whole world were atheist...

    excuse me for popping in here but
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    I post here infrequently enough that half the people here now probably think I'm new
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    100% more impressive than even the situation I described. he didn't eat it, but he could've if he wanted.
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    real men hunt game without any weapons if you can't tackle a buck and shear off its head with the strength of your own grip, and if you don't intend to devour the entire animal right there on the spot, you don't deserve to call yourself a hunter
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    Death Penalty

    excuse me for popping in here but
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    Do you have any fears or phobias?

    needles, being immobilized in a confined space, glenn beck, some wasps, the westboro baptist church, some spiders.
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    Event -- I, For One, Welcome Our New Clefable Overlords

    I am entering on behalf of WALKER ! [click]
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    Hey TCODF, this is a cool thing to do. (Pokemon-related Favorites Chart)

    here you go! ps this is the last one I'm doing
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    Hey TCODF, this is a cool thing to do. (Pokemon-related Favorites Chart)

    Here! Let's share. as an example, here's mine: helpful things: Pokemon: Official Ken Sugimori Pokemon art. Pearl Mode's awesome unofficial art of every Pokemon. (what I used) Characters: Official Ken Sugimori Character art. Items: Official item artwork. (for a handful of items)...
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    PersonalDNA Personality Tests

    animated inventor hell yeah. hell yeah
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    My username fits well.

    I was much less silly and much more dumb but hey, so were all of us
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    My username fits well.

    oh wait did I forget to make a snide comment about how furret tends to come back after leaving? welp I guess so
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    My username fits well.

    oh, the good old days.
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    My username fits well.

    nah, no harm in a little nostalgia every once in a while.
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    My username fits well.

    may you live long and prosper.
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    excuse me for popping in here but
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    thank you for that, opal. that is the most infuriating thing.
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