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  1. Togetic

    Metalos vs. davy

    It just limits the amount of damage that can be dealt to any pokemon on any given round. This doesn't count life loss through the use of substitutes and so on.
  2. Togetic

    Lord Arceus, he's back!

    @ All the comments about God. I was trying to go for the "Holy Crap!" or "Dear God!" kind of effect, except pokemonised. I did not make any proclamation that I am God. That being said, if you choose to worship me, I have no objections. :D @ All the welcome backs. Thanks.
  3. Togetic

    Lord Arceus, he's back!

    Yeah, you read that write. I'm back, after an extended hiatus, length in time exactly "God-knows-how-long" months. See, the original reason I left was because I figured this forum was taking far too much of my time, and hence, I dropped all ties to it, hoping to forge more time to do more...
  4. Togetic

    The Black Market

    Well, here's my final parting gift, to anyone quick enough to claim. tyrogue [Hastings]Tyrogue (M) <Guts> EXP: o - o - o -> Evolve (0) Notes: "Come 'ere, I'll take you on anyday." Item: Muscle Band Approval growlithe [Fulford]Growlithe (F) <Flash Fire> EXP: Battle - Fire Stone -> Evolve (|)...
  5. Togetic

    The Absence Sheet

    Well.... My parents have decided to block my access to forums entirely. They claim its whats making my grades drop, despite the fact that I improved compared to last year. Regardless though, it means I officially leave TCoD. For a while. Maybe forever. Scratch that, probably forever...
  6. Togetic

    Brock vs. Togetic

    Ewwww. Well, unless I build over 9000 shrines, I've basically lost this xD Alright, time for your debut, EGGSCALIBUR.
  7. Togetic

    World's Worst

    OM NOM NOM. What?
  8. Togetic

    Swarm of Basilisk (ROUND 1)

    Re: Swarm of Basilisk Togetic is joining.
  9. Togetic

    Why are we talking like this ?

    Why are we talking like this ?
  10. Togetic

    i l u

    i l u
  11. Togetic

    Let's Play Pokemon Emerald! (Canceled due to computer failure)

    Re: Let's Play Pokemon Emerald! I'd prefer Golden Sun, actually.
  12. Togetic

    C : >

    C : >
  13. Togetic


  14. Togetic

    Yeah I can tell. ^_^

    Yeah I can tell. ^_^
  15. Togetic

    HG/SS UU Team

    Huh, UU. I like that tier. Just a quick rate here, not too detailed, since I don't have too much time at the moment. I reckon everything that I need to say is covered above in each pokemon, and its a fairly solid team anyway.
  16. Togetic

    I'll take that as a yes, you... what's the word if you have fetishes for older people? (lolspam...

    I'll take that as a yes, you... what's the word if you have fetishes for older people? (lolspam much?)
  17. Togetic

    Are you planning on stalking me?

    Are you planning on stalking me?
  18. Togetic

    I have a question

    It's considered 'Kawaii'. Oh and a lot of otakus have fetishes about cat eared girls. Yes, Japan is a creepy place.
  19. Togetic

    What? No.... I'm 14. Do I sound 16? Why do you ask anyway?

    What? No.... I'm 14. Do I sound 16? Why do you ask anyway?
  20. Togetic


    Just set up some Defense Curls or something when she's got her Clefairy out.
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