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  1. Trinket


  2. Trinket

    How many Pokémon can you name?

    I got sniped by this for an hour and got up to 958/1008, including all of Gen 1-4. I was missing:
  3. Trinket


  4. Trinket

    Oh, I just saw this, sorry! Done.

    Oh, I just saw this, sorry! Done.
  5. Trinket

    ASB database no longer working...

    Just saw these, I don't check the forums much lol. Validated both of you.
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  7. Trinket


  8. Trinket

    Relaxing reffing requirements

    There's been a bit of talk in Telegram lately about (among other things) how much it sucks to milk an entire paragraph out of a Pokémon using Flamethrower, let alone three paragraphs for three Flamethrowers. So, I guess this is a thread for discussion about that? If anyone's around to discuss...
  9. Trinket

    ASB database no longer working...

    Yep, your account should be fixed now.
  10. Trinket

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    Pascal slinks into the foyer after most of the others have already gone through (he gives Gorm a cordial nod, but he's all too familiar with the capricious Wooloo; he keeps her in the corner of his eye) and approaches the counter. "Hello there, how are you two — I've got the er, usual...
  11. Trinket

    (Open) Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    Name: Pascal Species: Linoone Appearance: Mailman outfit, constant "deer in the headlights" expression (Deerling in the Beheeyem lights?), here is a drawing of him Personality/history: Pascal runs the mail route between Hubb Town and various smaller locales around the peninsula. He's your...
  12. Trinket

    One Truth and the Void: A Greeting Thread

    crime gardevoir "Mainly ghosts" Wooper avatar "My favorite Pokémon is Ampharos."
  13. Trinket

    Cynder vs I liek Squirtles

    Round One After some inactivity a handful of trainers from the Asber league are picking things up again! Appropriately enough, this arena looks like it's gone through a period of inactivity as well, to say the least. Our three visitors enter the ruins of the old temple and briefly marvel at...
  14. Trinket

    ASB Quests

    I still have nebulous plans to properly support quest battles in the db, but for now: add them to the db like normal battles when they start so that the challenger trainer's squad is recorded. Put whoever's controlling the quest Pokémon as the second trainer and poke me to fix their squad...
  15. Trinket

    [ASB Quest] I liek Squirtles vs Blastoise

    I've dealt with this now. Still not sure what Keldeo and Eifie should get; currently the db has given them the usual prize ($8 and $5 respectively). (Having noted that, I guess I'm just gonna it leave there for the time being; last time I took it away again because I figured it'd be easier to...
  16. Trinket

    Misc. Database Typos/Minor Mistakes

    As far as I can tell it was just never fixed in the first place; they haven't been edited since I gave mods the ability to edit energy costs, and I don't remember fixing and reverting them myself. Anyway I went through and fixed: Aurora Beam, Blaze Kick, Bone Club, Bounce, Brine, Bubble Beam...
  17. Trinket

    Trinket Vs. Shy: It's Not Vandalism If It Involves Pokemon

    ALRIGHT let's go Vinnie!! Time to prove who's BOSS OF THE PLAYGROUND. SO the plan is: attack with Psychic, BUT ALSO, specifically try and shove her up into a tree with it. Try to keep her up there as best as you can. If she's Protecting, use Calm Mind. Psychic/Calm Mind ×3 (p.s. "Vinnie...
  18. Trinket


    I do like Discord better in general but pls nobody make a Discord chat. I don't want to have to bother with two competing chats oh god
  19. Trinket


    Appreciate the capybaras too! Let them sit!!!
  20. Trinket

    Testing thread

    1. blah blah blah 1.1 1.2 2. doot doot doot doot doot another paragraph 2.1 2.1.1
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