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  1. windskull

    Offscreen Activities

    Nip poses as staff to get into the gala, not wanting to be involved with either side, in part due to not trusting the Mayor but not wanting to risk being associated with criminals and compromise his position. His goal is to keep an eye on things to make sure no one is out in serious danger.
  2. windskull

    Offscreen Activities

    The night after the second dream, Nip does not sleep well. Despite knowing it likely has something to do with their arrival, he is clearly unnerved. But he is not willing to divulge why to anyone at this time, if they ask. A few days later, he discovers that he still has some control over his...
  3. windskull

    Offscreen Activities

    Upon arrival in Frontier Town Nip goes out of his way to keep out of the public eye, at least until he has a better understanding of how to fit in. The last thing he wants is a repeat of Theran Village. Once he's a bit more comfortable, he starts trying to take up odd jobs at the bulletin...
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