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  1. Forkster

    What kind of Poké Balls have you caught things in?

    Re: What kind of Poké Balls have you caught things in? I caught Kyogre with a Poke Ball because I used my Master Ball to catch a Lairon on my way to the Elite Four because I really wanted one for some reason. It took about 40+ Ultra Balls for me to catch Rayquaza and I ended up catching it with...
  2. Forkster

    Racsism in pokemon

    Me thinks you are trying too hard. And racism isn't racism unless its intentional. I think the lack of racial diversity in the Pokemon universe is due to the lack of racial diversity in Japan. Don't look too far into this.
  3. Forkster

    Which Fossil Pokemon?

    Wow. I stand corrected. People love Lileep. Guess it's just my crowd that hated it. Awkward.
  4. Forkster

    Which Fossil Pokemon?

    As most people will say, Aerodactyl or Kabutops are sweet. On a related note, I hope this season's aren't as unmemorable as R/S'. Did anyone even like Lileep ?
  5. Forkster

    Go me, its my birthday

    Happy Burfday. I remember my 12th birthday... actually, no, I don't. How depressing. I made a reply to your original post as a burfday present. Yay.
  6. Forkster

    What do you want to see in the 5th gen?

    Legendaries that look less like goats and bushes and more like... legendaries. Multiple regions, a flying type evolution for Eevee, fossils that don't look like stupid purple flowers. That's about it.
  7. Forkster

    Black & White

    That was a rhetorical question. It was meant to be a cheesy joke at the end of a rage filled rant.
  8. Forkster

    Black & White

    There definetly are parents who bubble wrap their children, and while it used to be just plain annoying, the fact that they are now affecting us, the people who's parents don't care and realize there is no threat is not OK in my books. Every parent reserves the right to raise their child any way...
  9. Forkster

    Black & White

    I wouldn't put it past the soccer moms and soccer mom husbands to angry letter the Casino out of B&W. Personally, I never spent much time there, so its no big deal tome. I find it ironic, however, that in a world where the FPS genre thrives, our generic preppy, over-protective parents have...
  10. Forkster


    Heatran is as Legendary as Aerodactyl or Snorlax in my eyes. Is rare enough that only one is avaliable, but I'm not certain it can be classiffied as a true legendary. It does have the stats for it, though, so it most certainly is open to debate.
  11. Forkster

    If you were a Pokemon, based on your personality, which would you be?

    Hmm... I'd probably be a Pikachu. Everybody knows me, but most of them hate me :D
  12. Forkster

    How did you become a Pokémon fan?

    Re: How did you become a Pokémon fan? Back in... 3rd grade I believe, I went over to my neighbour's house to play some street hockey. He had this magnificent device in his house called a Nintendo 64, which I had never seen before. It was a beatiful shade of pink, and I fell in love...
  13. Forkster

    Why hello there, good day!

    Wow, this is quite the welcome. Thanks guys, see you around!
  14. Forkster

    The Most Hated Pokemon Ever

    Ditto was probably invented by the Developer's two year old daughter. The design is lazy, and it doesn't even mimic a real animal like the rest of the series does. Plus it pops up like a wildfire in the places it can be found, essentially ruining your chances of getting any good Pokemon in the...
  15. Forkster

    The Most Hated Pokemon Ever

    Fair enough. It serves an underlying purpose, but this is the thread for the most hated Pokemon ever. Ditto is useful, but I hate it.
  16. Forkster

    The Most Hated Pokemon Ever

    Sheesh y'all. Well how about Ditto? I don't think anyone has said that yet. Its lack of practical application in a professional Trainer's roster does not outweigh its novelty. Plus it looks like Barney turd. Yuck.
  17. Forkster

    The Most Hated Pokemon Ever

    Won't anybody hate on Miltank with me? It has no evolutions, it looks ugly as all hell, and its Defense stat makes me want to shoot myself.
  18. Forkster

    Stupid things you thought were true

    This one is really bad. In my neck of the woods, it was cool to make up rumors about video games and try to convince your friends that they were true. As a result, I was under the impression that in the year 2020, the Snorlax blocking the entrance to Diglett's Cave would come back with two...
  19. Forkster

    Why hello there, good day!

    Ah, the Cave of Dire Flagons. Where the ballest smugs live alongside the drongest stragons. Its good be here.
  20. Forkster

    Why hello there, good day!

    Hey guys. I've been lurking TCoD for the longest time and finally decided to talk to people instead of sitting a corner mumbling to myself. I love Pokemon in general, been a fan since the age of 6. My first game was Crystal, so Pokemon holds a special place in my heart. That's about it for...