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  1. Sapphiron

    Hello! :D

    Greetings, welcome to the land where we drink T and eat CoD. ...I'm not on too much.
  2. Sapphiron

    In Progress Prismatic Maelstrom {Pokefic, PG-13}

    Re: Prismatic Maelstrom {Pokefic} Chapter 2: Blue Pelipper and More Regular Trainer Rippers! ------ Picking up from where last chapter left off… Skylar got glomped by some girl who literally shouted that word. Now they were both on the ground, with Skylar still wrapped up tightly in the...
  3. Sapphiron

    In Progress Prismatic Maelstrom {Pokefic, PG-13}

    Long time no see, TCoD. If you are not a fan or trainer fics at all, then this may or may not be your story. I dunno whether or not this would be considered a conventional trainer fic. All I know is that there could be more people to review my writing here than on Fanfiction.net. Since I...
  4. Sapphiron

    The Most Hated Pokemon Ever

    Call me insane, but I can't really "hate" any Pokemon. Not even Lickilicky or Bidoof.
  5. Sapphiron

    You laugh you lose (aka POST ALL FUNNY STUFF HERE)

    I've lost many times already (even though I actually made someone else lose with this. But still, this place is a gold mine. Just... This series. You'll be either laughing or WTFing.
  6. Sapphiron

    The Most Forgotten Pokemon

    ...Swalot? I'm a fan of some of these forgotten Pokemon like Exploud and Shiftry (in fact, Shiftry is one of my top favorites,) and I don't hate any Pokemon enough for me to refuse to explore the world of forgotten Pokemon regularly. In fact, I like using some forgotten Pokemon for possible...
  7. Sapphiron

    Does Size Really Matter?

    Hm, reminds me of the height thread I made, even though I didn't take weight into account. Yup, lotsa Pokemon of odd heights out there. For example, Charizard is only as tall as Salamence, yet the Anime makes us think that Charizard's a giant.
  8. Sapphiron

    What do you want to see in the 5th gen?

    Zangoose and Seviper getting evos seems unlikely, even though a Seviper evo could possibly get it into the UU, BL, or even OU tier. Pre-evos seem more plausible. And as for Tyranitar, I guess I was thinking Tyranitar was a bit too dragon-like back then. But still, I wanna see a more...
  9. Sapphiron

    Pokemon MMO?

    Unfortunately, from what I know, Word of God states that there will not be one. It's a shame, though: Pokemon and MMOs seem to fit together seamlessly. Maybe it's because people would act like douches in the MMO, I dunno. If you don't know what I mean, try out a popular MMO some time.
  10. Sapphiron

    Weapon Generator

    Sapphiron- Level 19 Bow Jiraku- Level 46 Referee's Fan Marsilon- Level 3 Magic Wand And now for something completely different: Edward Cullen- Level 5 Halberd Mary-Sue- Level 27 Saver Nostalgia Critic- Level 19 Armor Linkara- Level 4 Saver
  11. Sapphiron

    Evil Overlord List

    Ah, this again. It's a classic, and even a rough guide for those seeking to subvert standard villain conventions. However, some of the items on the list could be harmful to the story. If a baddie easily defeats a hero, there's no drama or suspense in that, and the more "regular Joe" audiences...
  12. Sapphiron


    The Sun Stone needs more love... Only Bellossom and Sunflora can spawn from it, and they just forgot about it by 3rd Gen. Oh, and Thunder Stone is mostly ignored ever since 1ST. EFFING. GEN. Only Raichu and Jolteon come from it.
  13. Sapphiron

    Character changes thread

    Silver's new look is now on Serebii. I'd have to say that his new appearance looks more sinister than his old one. His new jacket, hairstyle, and expression, along with the 4th-Gen. art style, make him look darker than his 2nd-Gen. counterpart.
  14. Sapphiron

    Zangoose, Seviper, and Evolution?

    I dunno if they'd make an evolution for a Pokemon with 130 base Attack power, but it would be epic. Seviper would be more likely to evolve due to its less prominent stats, but if its rival doesn't evolve, Seviper might not evolve either.
  15. Sapphiron

    Grocery Store!

    My Groudon was too high to get pasta for you, so it got you Chinese food instead. I want a Hydro Cannon from the grocery store.
  16. Sapphiron

    Grocery Store!

    No pizza. Here's some fish, though. *Snorlax gets a bite and uses the Old Rod to toss Zoltea a Magikarp* I want a crack pairing generator, and I want it now! NOW!
  17. Sapphiron

    Grocery Store!

    Fruit salad has been dubbed "Yummy yummy!" Thus, it is all gone. Because of that's here's a MANLY MAN salad. Shut the F up and eat. Someone should get my Snorlax a fishing rod.
  18. Sapphiron

    Grocery Store!

    They all fell to the center of the earth, so here's a medium-sized Electrode. I want a Digital Monster.
  19. Sapphiron

    Grocery Store!

    They were out, so you got AIDS! (Yes you've got AIDS!) I want a huge wall to climb over while riding my Groudon.
  20. Sapphiron

    Grocery Store!

    No rice balls there, only donuts that look like rice balls. (I think 4Kids found their way into the grocery store.) Reversing wins again! Yay Groudon! Get me some confetti to celebrate!
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