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  1. kyeugh

    Frontier Town Nina's Place

    Prim only got an fisheyed glimpse of the bisharp's precipitous cranium before her viscera went weightless and her world became a sea of waltzing stars on a field of black. She distantly felt herself bowling through the other patrons' drinks as she skidded across the bar, but rather than lifting...
  2. kyeugh

    Frontier Town Nina's Place

    Prim was not an impatient or unreasonable person, generally speaking. That said, maybe it was the alcohol talking, but every sloppy brush-stroke that comprised the bisharp's demeanor—the smugness, the bravado, the surety—was converging in Prim's mind to a masterwork portrait of incandescent...
  3. kyeugh

    Frontier Town Nina's Place

    Prim squinted at the bisharp. The voice was certainly the same. But what if all bisharp sounded like this? She could practically hear Ferry's throaty protests from here—You see the same species twice and assume it's the same guy? What the fuck, Prim?—but fuck that old grouch. Whether it was the...
  4. kyeugh

    Frontier Town Nina's Place

    A pair of cool metal hands wrapped themselves around Prim's shoulders. She'd met this sort once or twice in her time—her instinct was to elbow him quick in the stomach, but before she had the chance she was hefted into the air and plopped unceremoniously on the countertop like a dawdling tyke...
  5. kyeugh

    Frontier Town Nina's Place
    Threadmarks: Ch02: Bottoms-up Dust-up

    Drinking was a funny game on Forlas. While Prim was not so prodigious a drinker as Lauchs, she was known back home to put back a drink or two. In this world, though, the drinks were more fire than they were water, and this puny body couldn't hold as much as she was used to. Prim, of course...
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