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  1. JackPK

    Retro Choice Pokémafia

    Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia Awesome, that's every role claimed. I'm on mobile at the moment, but this afternoon when I get to a computer, I'll send out role PMs and the night phase will begin.
  2. JackPK

    Retro Choice Pokémafia

    Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia We're actually only using the Gen I icons; I couldn't find a source that included Pikachu with them but excluded the Gen II icons. The unclaimed ones so far are the monster thing (top row, #2), the bug (top row, #4) and Pikachu itself.
  3. JackPK

    Retro Choice Pokémafia

    Retro Choice Pokémafia Retro Choice Pokémafia As a belated tribute to #Pokemon20, let’s play a Mafia game whose flavor goes back to the very beginning. After my recent bastard game, I'm sure y'all are just as eager as me for a traditional game. With that in mind, I've constructed a game for...
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