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  1. S.Torchic

    Favorite song/songs ATM

    At the moment I just love - Everlong by the Foo Fighters - The One, Beauty of Annihilation, 115 and Abracadvra by Elena Siegman (Call of duty Black Ops - Zombies Soundtrack)
  2. S.Torchic

    Game Recommendations

    I'm not sure if many of you guys like First Person Shooters but I'm just going to throw this out there. Halo:Reach For Xbox 360 + An extremely fun FPS which is a prequel to the Halo series. (Unfortunately the last Halo game created by the game developer Bungie) + Includes a map editing...
  3. S.Torchic


  4. S.Torchic

    Monotype tournament.

    Confirming win against Kratos. Good game.
  5. S.Torchic

    Monotype tournament.

    Confirming that Pelipy beat me in the battle. Good game.
  6. S.Torchic

    The Shiny Hunters Club!

    I'll join, I shiny hunted a Psyduck 2 days ago and I caught 4 of them on a chain after 40. I used a synchronizer so I have two with the Timid nature.
  7. S.Torchic

    Chrome League Gym Records Thread

    Negrek beat me 2-0. Negrek now gets the Knockout Badge.
  8. S.Torchic

    Monotype tournament.

    I know i'm ready. I just can't wait for it to start.
  9. S.Torchic

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Wii: SSBB (just doing online battles (1848-3124-4993 if anyone wants to brawl))
  10. S.Torchic

    The Friend Code Thread

    My friend codes Mario Kart Wii: 1590-4896-9499 Pokemon Pearl: 3222-2167-8683 PBR: 1160-9128-4984 Mario Srikers Chaged Football: 107495-143376 Guitar Hero Legends of Rock: 4725-7117-1301 SSBB: 1848-3124-4993 Ask to challenge me any time. (This is also in Signiture)
  11. S.Torchic

    Ramsie- Good thanks. You? Espeon- S stands for super. Super Torchic.

    Ramsie- Good thanks. You? Espeon- S stands for super. Super Torchic.
  12. S.Torchic

    New Laptop

    Congrats! Hope you like your new laptop.
  13. S.Torchic

    Are you right-handed or left-handed?

    I'm definetly right handed. I can't use my left at all.
  14. S.Torchic

    What's your favorite Water Starter?

    I think my favourite water starter would Mudkip. I think it just looks cool :D
  15. S.Torchic

    Hi! Me is new.

    Welcome to TCoD, have fun as a new member!
  16. S.Torchic

    Three word story

    ...of cherry pie...
  17. S.Torchic

    Customs and Registration Thread

    Name: S.Torchic Friend Code: (Pearl) 3222-2167-8683, (PBR) 1160-9128-4984 Role: Chrome Tier III Leader (Melee Town, Combat Badge)
  18. S.Torchic

    Best Pokemon Game Ever

    I think my favourite game would be Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue. It's my favourite because I remember the Christmas Day when I had it. I could not stop playing it. I also tried so hard to get a Kecleon and eventually I did. It just brings me good memories from when I was doing all the story...
  19. S.Torchic

    Platinum Discussion

    I hope you can do wi-fi underground. It would be so cool to see your friends move about in the game. I wonder if you would be able to find new items in the underground?
  20. S.Torchic

    Favorite Pokemon?

    My favorites are: 1. Blaziken 2. Torchic 3. Houndoom 4. Manectric 5. Dusknoir (don't know why....)