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  1. Crazy Linoone

    Obsessive Scribblers: Reborn

    This this this this so much I'm sort of lucky because doors to my closet are full-sized mirrors, so I usually use myself as a ref when I draw. This means that I actually get out of my chair and pose when I run into problems drawing. It's super useful in getting anatomy down, especially when...
  2. Crazy Linoone

    Obsessive Scribblers: Reborn

    Time to comment on everything because doing homework is overrated 8D I hope this doesn't turn into yet another "everyone posts art, nobody comments"... HOW TO LEARN HOW TO DRAW/GET BETTER AT DRAWING An easy guide by Crazy Linoone 1. Find a picture you like. 2. Stare at it. 3. Stare at it...
  3. Crazy Linoone

    Obsessive Scribblers: Reborn

    *rises from the ashes of the old OS* I believe that most of the old members of the OS aren't on TCoD anymore, and the ones who are still here aren't very active.... But! Let's see if this club will take off again! Yeah! I'll just go back to lurking now.
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