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  1. Miror B

    Rate the Avatar Above You~

    7/10 again. Who said they were married?
  2. Miror B

    Rate the Avatar Above You~

    7/10, because her arms are bigz.
  3. Miror B

    Horrible-Sounding Words

    "Colonoscopy." Horrible AND Horrible-Sounding.
  4. Miror B

    Planned Teams For SS/HG?

    meganiumyanmegatogeticoctillerysudowoodo Yes, please.
  5. Miror B

    I'm fine, thank you.

    I'm fine, thank you.
  6. Miror B


    How do you feel about having intimate and/or sexual relationships with other members of your family, distant or not?
  7. Miror B

    Horrible-Sounding Words

    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Longest word in the English language. 'Nuff Said.
  8. Miror B

    The Average TCoDer

  9. Miror B

    Wild Hair Appeared!

    Spongebob Reference Yay!
  10. Miror B

    Wild Hair Appeared!

    *drinks tea but tosses out Cod while you're not looking* So, pretty much, stuff you made up. =P Lol.
  11. Miror B

    Lol, I join these forums and find you here? What are the chances?

    Lol, I join these forums and find you here? What are the chances?
  12. Miror B

    The LGBT Club

    C-can I join this club? I'm a lesbian...
  13. Miror B

    Wild Hair Appeared!

    Thanks, I just might join the LGBT Club.
  14. Miror B

    Wild Hair Appeared!

    Yeaahh....Hi, I'm Miror B. (hence the wild hair appearing.) That may be my username, but I am actually a GIRL. Please remember that. I love pokemon, and I am obsessed with :love:Dawn:love:, :love:Cynthia:love:, and :love:Soul(HGSS Girl):love:. ...in case you hadn't noticed, I like girls. And...
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